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Muscle Bear Brock Hart Worships Rock Ramsey’s Fat Cock

Enjoy masculine muscle bear Brock Hart and pierced, long-haired, Rock Ramsey. The duo are feeling far from sluggish in the Florida heat as the younger cub seems downright mesmerized by the sight of Brock servicing his thick, tattooed dick. If you saw this fine butch muscle bear on his knees in front of you, wouldn’t you be riveted by the sight of his lips working the shaft of your glistening cock? The two then retreat to the cool shade for some intense rimming. While Brock’s hairy manhole gleams in Rock’s spit, the musky scent carries through the air like roasting raw meat. It pushes Rock over the edge as he fucks Brock bareback, filling the tight hole full with his seed.

Muscle Bear Rock Ramsey lets Brock Hart worship his fat cock

Burly Black Daddies Are Tons Of Bareback Fun

Berns Forrester is in bed, jacking off and fantasizing about Big Daddy Pimp Hurley when the chunky chocolate Daddy sneaks into the room and joins in. Soon, this bareback bottom is sucking Hurley down his throat, satisfying the big black Top while his sweet brown hole is itching for that thick, raw cock. Hurley dives for the tight fuckhole, spreading that chocolate bubble butt and giving Berns a wet, hot tongue fuck. This big bad boy takes complete possession of that raw, pink asshole and slides his swollen black dick deep inside, settling in for a marathon bareback fuck. The two knock boots for a while — doggie style, reverse cowboy, and even missionary — with Berns’ moans growing louder and more passionate. Hurley works up quite a sweat, which only makes it easier to fuck Berns like a gaping, sloppy hole. WOOF!

Hurley Tucker catches Berns Forrester jerking off then feeds him his cock and fucks his ass raw

Pablo Paris Rimmed, Fingered, And Fucked Raw By Hairy Daddy Noah Post

Latino cub Pablo Paris is sexy as fuck and absolutely adorable with that sweet face, lusty sexual appetite and meaty, hairy ass. And he loves him some mature Daddy cock! Which is probably a good thing since Noah Post has a nice thick dick for his “boy.” Pablo wastes little time in servicing Noah’s daddy dick and soon has his ass reamed by Noah’s expert tongue. This guy practically makes a meal out of Pablo’s incredibly hot fuck hole and we can’t say we blame him. We’d be right there with him! After teasing Pablo for a while, Noah climbs onboard and shoves his raw cock inside the eager bareback bottom, fucking him until he blows his load. After Noah coaxes Pablo to push the freshly deposited load, the sexy Latino then rides his Daddy some more before blowing his jizz all over Noah’s chest. Luckily, neither believes in wasting sperm so Pablo feeds Noah his own load and Daddy licks boy’s tasty fingers. Slurrrp!

Pablo Paris gets rimmed, fingered, and fucked bareback by Daddy Bear Noah Post

Rod Drainer Fucked In Sling Outdoors By JW Bare

If you like your men beefy, as well as hairy and raw, dig into this sticky bareback scene with JW Bare and Rod Drainer. JW is the “older” mature daddy who’s waiting patiently in his cage. Like all well-behaved animals at the zoo, he’s waiting for a good feeding. And that’s exactly what he gets when Rod shows up, opens the gate, and pulls his bottom Daddy out. In fact, the hungry bald fucker is so eager he immediately starts servicing Rod’s fat dick. But that’s not what Rod wants, although he enjoys the deep throat cocksucking. What he wants is some raw ass and, pigs love slop, JW is more than willing to give up his hairy hole in a sling to the leather-clad younger stud. Rod fucks JW bareback until he blows his wad, which is apparently as sweet as honey! Now we know what THESE pigs do when they line up at the trough.

Rod Drainer gets fucked in a sling outdoors by JW Bare