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Silver Daddy Jeff Grove Gets Rough With New Hairy Boy Fuck Toys

Jeff Grove is a sexy, silver daddy who keeps himself trim and fit with lots of activity. He proves that with age, comes certain privileges. The best one? Barebacking a wet boy holes, as many as he wants as much as he can get. Michael and Xavier certainly fit the bill. First Michael shows up and shares an intimate cock sucking session with his new new best fuck buddy silver daddy boyfriend. Then Jeff works his tongue deep in his hole and starts probing. He bones the hell out of the young otter, feeding him dick and pre-cum before Xavier shows up. That’s when the fun TRULY begins. With both boys side-by-side, Jeff has himself a butt buffet, and a smorgasbord of bareback sex before churning out some creamy man butter and greasing up Xavier with the load. All three hairy men enjoy a brief break before starting up again. Sadly, we weren’t invited to the encore performance.

Silver Daddy Jeff Grove gets rough with his new Otter Fuck Toys

Furry Scott Spears Takes Hot Load From Older Heartbreaker Jake Reynolds

Scott Spears is one of those sexy, classically rugged dudes that radiate the masculine aroma of bareback sex. But take this one home and he goes bottom for cum, or as he put it, “goes piggy for cum.” Jake Reynolds puts Scott through a litany of cock sucking and face fucking positions. But he’s unable to resist spitting into that hungry, hairy fuck hole and from the sounds Scott makes he truly is like a combination pig and cum slut, greedy for raw bone and a juicy cum dump. The hairy fucker takes quite a pounding and still pleads for more as he’s banged sloppy with only spit and sweat for lube. That is, until Jake releases deep inside Scott, marking his territory with his scent and jizz before Scott spews his own load all over Jake’s matted body fur. Like a good little piggy, Scott shares the nut with his new owner, now bonded by the taste of each man’s spunk.

Furry Cub takes a hot load from older Bear Jake Reynolds

Latino Daddy Rocks The Ass Off Greedy Cumbucket Cub

Hank Lawton is always in need of cock and buckets of cum inside of him, and big Latino Daddy Manuel tries to feed him as much as possible; they usually end up in some very noisy, sloppy, mutual dick sucking. But when baby bear needs that honey from the source deep in his raw fuckhole, there’s only one way to get it and that’s by getting pounded raw in a sweaty-filled bareback fuck session that ends up with all that sweet nectar injected in and out of Hank’s hairy hole. Lucyk for Hank, Papa likes to make sure Baby Bear is always fed and full. Wonder how these two fuck when they wakes up from a long winter’s relax?

Latino Daddy Bear rocks the ass off his Greedy Cumbucket Cub