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Pierced, Tattooed Sex Pig Nate Wolf Raw-Fucks Harlan Christopher In Sling

We like the way Nate Wolf and Harlan Christopher have chosen to get more intimate: with some kinky, old-school sling fucking. Nate — a dark-haired young man who’s as adorable as he is sexy, and cushy in all the right places — makes no apologies about his twisted, perverted tendencies. Harlan, a Ginger-haired slab of a man, is adorably demure but once he gets going, there isn’t much he wouldn’t do to please his Top. And he doesn’t stop at bareback sex, either. Harlan is a complete sex pig who loves servicing macho men, no matter size or age, as long as he winds up on his back with his legs up in the air, taking a fat cock bareback. Harlan gets his pink fuck hole stretched and is rewarded with Nate’s cum blast half splattered on his ballsack, and partially deposited into his asshole. Soon after, aroused beyond control from the sight of Nate’s cum-sloppy cock, Harlan shoots his own load all over his round belly. Frankly, with all that snorting, sweating, and grunting, we had begun to wonder if we were filming pigs rutting or feral cavemen.

Pierced and tattooed bareback sex pig Nate Wolf fucks Harlan Christopher raw in a sling

Butch Powell Makes Out With Masked Scott Fitzpatrick Then Fucks Him Bareback

Butch Powell and Scott Fitzpatrick have never met before this scene, or so they tell us, but the energy between them is unmistakable. Come to think of it, bareback sex with a complete stranger is probably the one sure way of setting off fires and tapping into the inner slut for complete sexual abandon. How many times have you hit the bath house and how hot is it to just climb aboard, pump away, and dump a load in some hairy guy’s ass without even bothering to ask them their name?!? Bareback sex in a back room is just as hot if not hotter. An enclosed space, where more people cramming into the space to watch create body heat, thus making you sweat. Not that Butch or Scott need any help. They’re sweating along just fine on their own sucking each other and taking massive helpings of pungent, hairy butt. The masculine men flip fuck, slamming bareback until Scott floods Butch’s insides with cum, then turns around and feeds a load of spunk to the eager, cum guzzling whore. We’re beginning to understand why masks are getting so popular!

Butch Powell makes out with masked Scott Fitzpatrick then fucks him bareback in a back room

Dakotah Porter Rims Mark Bell And Fucks Him Raw

Normally, you wouldn’t want to use duct tape if you’re a hairy guy. But it seems Mark Bell and Dakotah Porter enjoy a bit of pain with their pleasure. Unfortunately for us, we weren’t privy to what BDSM and submission games these two were playing BEFORE we got there. But we’re grateful to watch them have bareback sex because these young hairy guys are sexy as hell and as cute as puppies! By the time we got there, Mark’s eyes were covered and his mouth gagged, tied up and willingly waiting to be drilled by Dakotah’s thick cock and filled with cum. Once he’s freed, both enjoy themselves sucking fat dick. Then Dakotah fucks the hell out of his bareback bottom, using his ass for his own pleasure, one that makes them both quiver and shake from trying to back off the inevitable. Mark gets his ass splattered with cum and the last of Dakotah’s juice is squeezed out inside his savagely fucked hole. Then, while probing two fingers inside him, Dakotah pushes Mark over the edge and the bearded stud dumps yet another load onto that funky mattress.

After trading blowjobs with Mark Bell, Dakotah Porter rims Mark and fucks him raw