Monthly Archives: July 2012

Bareback Foursome At the Phoenix in New Orleans

There’s never a shortage of hot hairy men getting piggy at The Phoenix in New Orleans. Which is why we were glad to be there on the day masculine fuckers Bruce Black, Clint Taylor, Ethan Manley and Mac Brody were on the hunt for a bareback gangbang. Everyone’s sucking cock or getting sucked but it’s Ethan and Bruce who show off their natural-born cock hound skills. Meanwhile, mature Daddy Mac ends up being the biggest power bottom as he gets slammed repeatedly in response to his demands for cock, his hole stretched out and spooged, loaded and dripping with several loads of cum. Porn veteran Clint Taylor is quietly in control as he becomes THE bareback Top of the hour in this bare-fest Breed-A-Thon.

Bruce Black, Clint Taylor, Ethan Manley, and Mac Brody have bareback sex at the Phoenix in New Orleans

Chris Michaels And Ryan Richards Trade Blowjobs Before Raw Fucking Poolside

Salt-and-pepper Daddy Chris Michaels and his hairy “boy” Ryan Richards are sexy together and have a great deal going for them. For instance, Daddy has a big dick and a crazy talented tongue that drives Ryan around the twist. In fact, the cock sucking is fun and both enjoy reciprocating but what each loves most is what Chris does best. Munching a tight, pink fuckhole. Chris’ rim job pushes Ryan to the edge from the moment his tongue touches that beautiful starfruit. What can a Daddy do then but fuck it raw? The two enjoy bareback sex steps away from the pool. Ryan is willing and eager, and in fact, the more spit and sweat the more gaping the bareback bottom gets. The deeper and harder the raw fuck, the more slippery juice Ryan produces so Chris can slam him even harder. Chris spurts inside Ryan, breeding his raw ass, then Ryan happily rubs one out, squirting all over Chris’ belly.

Chris Michaels and Ryan Richards trade blowjobs then Chris rims and fucks Ryan raw by the edge of the pool

Sky Rym Fucks Taylor Day’s Face, Plays With His hole, Then Fucks Him Raw

We were at a club when barback bottom Taylor Day dropped by to visit on his day off. But the last thing all-business Sky Rym wants is a skinny young punk giving him a hard time. As it turns out, that isn’t exactly what Taylor wants, though he IS looking for something hard. Once grizzled Sky saw that Taylor wasn’t an asshole and got the gist of what the slender boy wanted, this bald, hairy, masculine daddy was all to happy to give Taylor what he was looking for. Some hard, rough bareback sex with a hairy guy followed by a hot steamy load of cum.

Sky takes his time with Taylor, fucking his face, playing with his hole, then laying him out on the bar. Spreading his long legs apart, the Daddy tongue fucks him for a while before drilling his ass bareback. Turns out Sky isn’t just always hungry for cock, he’s usually pretty thirsty and the power bottom is usually in need of cock. Now that Sky knows, we’re pretty sure he won’t be quick to send the pup on his way without giving him a heavy load.

Sky Rym fucks Taylor Day's face, plays with his hole, then fucks him raw