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Mancub Maximus O’Connell Takes On Puerto Rican Raw Top Rafael Lambert

Mancub Maximum O’Connell needs to get fucked and he needs it BAD! He’s heard about hung Puerto Rican Top Rafael Lambert and has set his eyes…erm, excuse us, his cub hole…on the incredibly fat cock. When Rafael comes face-to-face with the hungry bareback bottom, what can he possibly do but give the cub what he wants? Besides, it’s not like Rafael is about to turn down such a hot ass. Puerto Rican Tops just don’t do that. An opportunity for raw sex presents itself, and they’re going to take it! Maximus is in his cock sucking glory as he unleashes the bald, goateed stud’s big pinga. He practically devours Rafael, gagging himself on his cock until it’s time for some deep tongue fucking and spit-filled ass rimming. It’s mutual ass eating but when it comes to fucking, there’s only one guys getting fucked and neither Maximums or Rafael would have it any other way!

Full Contact Anal Penetration

DJ Russo needs a deep massage and he needs it BAD. When he connects with Massage The Tyler Ruger, furry faced DJ knows he’s going to get exactly what he wants and desperately needs. A good rub-down, deep tissue action and a good release. Tyler pours lotion all over DJ’s back and starts working it in but as he loosens the man up, lips meet, cocks rub together and Tyler’s legs are soon up in the air. DJ’s cock slides home, pumping in and out of Tyler’s raw bubble butt and making him drip precum from his thick uncut tool. As they build up to an incredible tension, fucking deeper and harder, DJ gets his happy ending and Tyler winds up even more relaxed than he started!

Dirty Massage and full contact Anal penetration