Monthly Archives: November 2012

Thick meat up for grabs

Young and hung Latino cub David Camacho goes mano a mano with big dicked James Anthony in the hot, South Florida summer sun. Both guys are horny and panting for penetration and David wastes no time pushing his uncut cock in James’s hole. The outdoor pounding begins and both guys work up a slick sweat on the outdoor bed. With all the thick meat in this flick you guys might find it HARD to SWALLOW. But these two sure look happy giving it a go!

Real men Bareback in the Hot Tub

Thick cock Daddy Dawlton Hawg is ready for an intense release after a hard workout. He’s ready to hit the hot tub to soothe his muscles but first he’s going to get his load off in Hank Lawton’s big, thick ass first. The two begin by kissing deeply and sucking cock: Hank greedily sucks on Dawlton’s fat pole, getting him hard and ready for deep, rough penetration. Dawlton crams his fat cock into Hank’s hot fuckhole and pounds him like a jackhammer, causing waves to spill over the side of the jacuzzi, but these big, beefy men don’t care about making a big wet mess. Hot and sloppy is what they want and Dawlton ends up leaving a huge load of cum in Hank’s gaping hole.

Bareback Orgy In Fort Lauderdale Produces Steamy Cum Loads

If you’ve ever been to Fort Lauderdale, especially in the summer, you know it’s hot, muggy, and often times almost unbearable. It can get so hot and steamy you sometimes can’t even breath! And then there are those odd times when you get the perfect combination that gets you all hot and bothered because the steamy heat is coming from the men. But not just any man, mind you. We’re talking the beefy, masculine stud fucker that’s hairy, maybe already a bit sweaty and salty to the taste. So if you like it like we do — hot, sweaty, and raw — feast your eyes on six of the horniest men in town: Bo Bangor, David Camacho, Dalton Hawg, Hank Lawton, Jose Lasano, and Pablo Paris. With this group getting down and dirty almost as soon as we start filming, there’s plenty of cock sucking and deep bareback action all around. No hole is left untouched, unfucked, or unfilled. And by the time all is said and then, the men are hotter and sweatier than when they started, giving off load after load of cum. Damn. We just LOVE Ft. Lauderdale!

Power Bottom Takes On 7 Hairy Studs In Orlando Gangbang

In a small crowded play area in Orlando Florida, 7 men are about to use Mike Catcher in a bareback gangbang. But never fear, the power bottom is ready, willing, and VERY able to take on Rafael Lambert, Tony Rivera, Mac Brody, Chris Michaels, Mack Brockway and Ryan Reynolds. Each man takes his turn at bat, slamming into Mike repeatedly, filling his hole. As we filmed the scene the room kept filled with the musky manscents that make us nostrils flare and our cocks rock hard. The heat increased as the men kept fucking and even the floor became filthy with the spilling sweat and spunk. By the time they were done abusing Mike’s hungry ass, there was nothing but sweaty men, sloppy dicks and spunk dripping holes in this HOT Orlando scene. These Tops knew exactly how to handle a power bottom like Mike and we’ve no doubt they’ll get YOU as hot and bothered as they did us!

Beefy Top Clint Taylor Barebacks Muscle Daddy Bear Mac Brody

Beefy, masculine bareback top Clint Taylor is back for another scene and HOTTER than ever. He’s horny as fuck and his balls are aching to get a load off. Spotting goateed muscle daddy bear Mac Brody, Clint — a Daddy himself — has it in for the bottom’s hungry hole. The men waste very little time as they reacquaint themselves, each sucking cock, and ready for more. Filmed on location at the New Orleans Phoenix Bar, Clint delivers a bang up job, explore Mac’s raw muscle hole with his raw dick buried balls deep and plowing Mac as if he were marking his territory.