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Dynamic Daddy/Boy Duo James And Rob Hunter

Though many gay men have had good relationships with their dads, many of us might not have had such a luxury. The relationship was either shattered and dysfunctional, if the father was present at all, or practically nonexistent. Some of us spend our entire life looking for “Dad” and never find him. And sometimes, we do. Those men frequently live their lives as a real “father/son” team. Whether real or imaginary, it’s a strong fantasy that triggers many complex psychosexual buttons. But we’re not here to judge. We’re simply here to remind you that human sexuality can be as amazingly frightening, as it is powerfully healing.

And what better way to spend a weekend than bonding with that certain older gentleman. Say, one you might know who’s as intimate as if he were your own lover? Say hello to James Hunter and Rob Hunter. This dynamic duo spends a few days together, reconnecting and remembering when. Which leads to some hot memories which they relive here for you. These two are truly versatile as they kiss, suck, get into a 69, rim, then fuck each other until they’re coated in the others DNA. They’re bound to get you worked up and there’s no doubt in our mind that you, too, will end up covered with your very own protein, as well as a memory or fantasy of your own.

Getting Slammed In A Sling Well Worth The Wait For Rowdy Hixxx

Sometimes, the thing you want most takes a while to come. But by the time you get it, you might no longer want it. Worse yet, the anticipation of waiting is far more exciting so that by the time you experience the real thing, it becomes a bit of a let down. Well, we’re happy to tell you that in this instance, waiting turned out to be WELL worth the time for Rowdy Hixxx and Joe Strong. You see, Rowdy has been wanting to get his hole used and stretched out by Joe and the bareback top has been just as eager to tap that ass. Things just kept them from connecting. That is, until WE came along. Once these two got together, Joe went straight to work. With Rowdy in the sling, he stretches the greedy bottom’s hole using not one, but two, different toys that go deep and long. And the only thing that goes longer is Joe, fucking Rowdy with his fat raw dick as he slams repeatedly into the willing bear hole. Rowdy busts a nut all over himself as he’s getting fucked, with Joe still inside, as it should be. And after all this time? Joe leaves Rowdy happier than a bareback sex pig rolling around in cum.

Buster Boudreaux, The Snake Charmer

Think filming porn is easy? Guess again. There’s a lot involved in filming one scene, let alone an entire DVD. There’s all the paperwork, juggling schedules, and making sure each model has every thing they need. And that’s all before we even start shooting! Most times, all those things fall into place quickly and effortlessly. Still, there’s always one final, nerve-wracking moment where you wonder how things will go once you get a house full of men together for filming. To say it’s unpredictable is…well, putting it mildly. Most times we get lucky. But you know what’s even more unpredictable? The sex you wind up filming when both men are equally turned on, aroused, and start pushing buttons.

Buster Boudreaux and Snake Stone had more than chemistry. As they kissed and made out, they started off nice and easy with a little rough housing. Hey, doesn’t everybody? We’ll skip the details of the in-between stuff but we’ll tell you this: both men get some hard, raw cock up their ass. And with these two sexy, pocket-sized men drilling each other, they drum up a few loads between them! Buster turns out to be quite the snake charmer, charming the pants off Snake and busting a couple of loads while getting plowed with that thick, pierced cock before Snake pops off a tasty Daddy load of his own.

Extremely Hairy Top rams his raw cock into big cuddly, submissive Teddy Bear

Jack Redford and Tom Forrest put on the dirtiest show in this hairy, bareback fuckfest video. Top Jack lays out big, cuddly, submissive Tom on the bed (on rubber sheets no less, what kind of messy fun are they planning for us?) and strips him naked and works his tongue deep into his hot hairy fuckhole. Tom clamors for Jack’s hard cock, sucking it while Jack returns the favor. The super-furry top mounts Tom’s big round ass and fucks his sloppy hole rough and hard, although he takes a little break to rope Tom’s ankles and work his ass with a riding crop. These hairy fuckers are definitely kinky in addition to being bareback freaks!