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Jayden Brooks + Aaron Cedar, A Recipe For Hot, Raw Kitchen Sex

Rarely do bareback sex pigs come together the way Aaron Cedar and Jayden Brooks have. These two were like magnets when they met, with a visible chemistry, an energy we could feel, and a like-minded frame of mind. This is the way bareback sex should be. No holds barred, with both men giving everything they have and fucking like their life depends on the very essence of life. DNA. The cum load. The guys start off in the kitchen with flip flop cock sucking and rimming. And just like a great recipe you want to share with friends, they complement each other. We thought they’d head to the bedroom once they started fucking but this was way too good to stop. So they just kept on cooking up towards that hottest of results, coming to boil as they fucked, then breeding each others gaping holes for a great finish. Hmmm. Wonder if Julia s would approve?

Bo Bangor And Dawlton Dawg Do A Different Sort Of Rain Dance

Bo Bangor and Dawlton Dawg are both extremely horny and highly sexual. When these two come together it’s like, POW! Even as they start sucking cock you’d swear all that energy is their way of doing a different sort of rain dance. Bo, muscled and heavily tattooed, is a masculine cocksucker eager to service Dawlton then get fucked raw by the bareback top. The ginger hunk with the incredibly fat dick rims Bo, tearing into that hole with tongue and fingers before shoving his thick cock where it belongs. Undeterred by the rain, the piggy duo have their fun before taking it under the alcove of the back patio and whipping out a couple of creamy hot loads.

Gang Banging Pablo Paris

There are those who live in Fort Lauderdale who believe that if you can’t get laid there, you’re just not doing something right. All we have to say to that is, whatever Pablo Paris is doing, we hope he keeps it up. This Latino bottom’s DEFINITELY getting laid! But not just with one guy. You see, tonight’s the night he gets gang banged by Noah Post, James Anthony, Chuck Collier, David Camacho, and Bo Bangor. Despite the fact that Pablo’s had a long, rough day, he’s up and ready for a good time. In fact, the one thing that’s kept him going was the thought of being taken by the five men, getting fucked raw, and collecting loads. So, in a cheap and sleazy Fort Lauderdale motel, Pablo bends over, taking cock repeatedly. He’s tag team fucked and spit roasted until each man is left sweaty and spent, with Pablo’s hairy hungry hole swallowing, then bubbling over with load after load of manjuice.

Sometimes, All You Want Is A Blowjob

It’s hard to find a good fuck buddy. One you can trust. Especially when all you need is dick service. That’s why it’s important to make friends with the type of man who’s nothing more than a cock whore; a man interested only in sucking dick, munching on balls, and swallowing loads. Otherwise, that jizz is wasted. This type of man frequently lives for the sole purpose of pleasuring the horny top who needs to get off with NSA cock sucking. As long as you give them the load, that is. After all, they’ve earned, why not let them feed?

Now, let’s take a look at just such a scene. Buster Boudreaux and Jayden Brooks are a perfect fit; one is a natural-born cocksucker, the other a man who just needs to unload. And after an arduous day, the last thing Jayden wants or needs is to get into something complicated. Which is why, when he’s done with his day, he calls Buster for some much needed relief. The bearded men know it’s all about the oral connection and neither one of them wants more than that. Jayden kicks back in a chaise while Buster goes to town, licking, sucking, and munching. And Jayden just lays there, enjoying full-service with a smile. His only payment? Letting Buster collect. Because sometimes, all you want is a blowjob.