Monthly Archives: February 2013

Rhett Polnocy Fucked Raw By Furry Newcummer Dante Summers

Hairy&Raw veteran Rhett Polnocy is ready to introduces newcummer Dante Summers to his big, hairy and raw ass while in the clubhouse by the pool. Dante, a sexy, leather harness wearing hottie can’t get enough of Rhett’s beefy ass and shoves his entire face up in there, eating away at Rhett’s core and fingering his hole as he preps the big guy for a deep fuck. Dante slides home, down to the balls, and pumps away at Rhett, using his big, fat cock as a rudder and to pull himself even deeper. Filled with lust, Dante pounds Rhett mercilessly on that fuckbench until he’s ready to drop his load. All over and IN Rhett’s hungry hole. But don’t worry, Rhett has his turn with a sweaty load all over Dante’s furry chest and leather harness.

Bareback In Baltimore

Rob Hunter is BACK! And now that he is, the bearded hunk is hotter and hornier than he’s ever been. He’s paired up in this scene with new cummer Randy Scott. Filmed in Baltimore, the two men explore their favorite type of sex: hairy, raw, and unscripted, with a bit of fetish thrown in. Randy’s first inclination is to please Rob from the inside out. And that’s exactly what he does, from kissing, to cocksucking, to butt fucking. In fact, Randy takes complete ownership of Rob’s hole and marks his territory while banging him in the living room. But not before he gets his ass paddled until he’s bright red. That’s when trash-talking Rob takes it all until they each busts a nut on Rob’s furry belly.

Rough And Ready Barebackers Ross Scott and Jake Norris

In porn, there are times when the premise and location get in the way. Other times, they simply add to an already hot connection between two men that have a very visible chemistry. Jake Norris and Ross Scott not only have the chemistry, they’re fucking in an environment that seems to match their rough and ready attitude to fucking raw. Porn and bareback veteran Ross takes on tattooed muscle stud Jake, sucking and feeding on thick fat dicks before getting his ass primed with lube. On all fours, and on his back, Ross gets plowed deeply and rough, with every inch of Jake’s throbbing cock making him moan like a horned up whore. Somehow we get the feeling the greedy bottom pig will soon be getting another call from Jake for another DNA deposit.

5-Star Bare Riders Ashby Red and Matt Jarrod

Sometimes you get bareback fuckers who are either on the giving or receiving end. And it’s all or nothing. But with furry ginger Cub Ashby Red and newcummer Matt Jarrod, it’s share-and-share alike. The seed dealer is IN with these two sexy, hairy fuckers! Between the noisy kissing and sloppy dick sucking — what IS it about a slobbering hungry cocksucker? — there’s more than enough to around, for both. Matt is a muscled side of intense beef who enjoys burying his face in Ashby’s ass, his tongue in the ginger’s crack, and his cock balls deep inside his hole. But what’s good for one is good for the other in this flip-flopping fuck scene with spit for lube. Which is why we give Hairy And Raw sling bangers Matt and Ashby 5 stars each for the way they ride and swapping seed.