Monthly Archives: March 2013

Raw Dogs Bury Bone In Backyard

Dogs can’t help it. Digging in the backyard and burying bones is instinctual. The unlearned behavior might at times garner raised eyebrows from owners but more often than not, since they’re harming no one, dogs are allowed to bury their bones when and where they want. Is it any wonder then, that on a bright, sunny day in South Florida, veteran bareback buds Christian Matthews and Alex Powers are all horned up and ready for some digging of their own, out in the backyard? The horny fuckers take turns swinging on cock, back and forth, before ending up in a 69 with plenty of dick sucking and rimming. Then, once Christian is all primed, his hole juicy and slick with spit, Alex dives in and tears into Christian’s incredibly hot ass. Burying the bone and fucking bareback never looked this good!

Raw Dogging The Neighbor In 4-A

Ever have a neighbor you thought was hot? Maybe he was “the boy next door” or better yet, the hot Dad you wish you had. You know the type; masculine, gruff, aggressive. A take charge man who knows how to handle another man, especially a horny one in need of a fat dick rammed down your throat and up your ass. Well it seems Leon Ryder and Randy Scott share the same fantasy. Only, never having taken the time to get to know one another, neither knows about the others secret desires. Until this one day, not at band camp, but in the hallway of their small apartment building. That’s when Leon just sits waiting, stroking a huge, uncut black dick that Randy, once he sees it, has to have. Taking it back inside, Randy takes that big fat fucker down with ease. But Leon is also an accomplished cocksucker and deep throats Randy like a greedy piglet. Then Randy takes control of Leon’s hole. Rimming, fingering, then fucking him like the raw dog that he is, Randy pounds Leon until he drains his balls, the load inside Leon’s hungry fuckhole. Now they’re probably wondering what took them so long!

Joe Strong Wants Your Ass

You know how it is when you’re so exhausted you just need to flop into bed and take a relaxing power nap? Well, that’s exactly what Joe Strong has done. Except that after his forty winks, he’s horny and raring to go. Only one problem. There’s no one there. But we were! Joe loved feeling himself up for the camera and enjoyed tweaking his nipples and playing with his balls while stroking his cock. For good measure he even fingers his hole a little. Except we were left to wonder, what was Joe dreaming about that got him so horny? Perhaps he was thinking of you, sucking his cock before diving for your hole and penetrating you with that fat dick? Maybe he was thinking about pumping you full of cock, the filling you with his load. Well, whatever it was, we were glad he invited us to film him!