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Ashby Red And Maximus O’Connell At Texas Bear Round-Up

Ashby Red and Maximus O’Connell had been sexting each other for several months before they were actually able to hook-up. Then, after planning to meet up in Dallas at the Texas Bear Round-up Event, the finally connected. And it was lust at first sight! They had a busy schedule at TBRU but they managed to get in some hot and freaky afternoon fucking. Tattooed Max made Ashby’s butthole quiver with his rough-and-ready attitude and he ate the redhaired cub’s ass as if he were munching on a juicy, fuzzy Georgia peach. Then he shoved his thick dick inside the hungry bareback bottom. It was a free and clear fuck, deep, and at times rough. It’s clear Ashby enjoyed getting plowed and he put on a stroke show for Max, jerking off while his pink fuckhole was pounded into submission.

Muscle Bound Bareback Fucking With Troy Webb and Bo Bangor

For those of you who like your men big and beefy, there’s no better pairing — in our humble opinion — than tall, bearded Troy Webb and muscled hunk Bo Bangor. Troy is an intense man with an intense gaze, and the looks of a lumberjack. Bo, although shorter, is no less of an incredible hunk than Troy. They’re all about the adrenaline and sweat as they fuck bareback, outdoors, beneath the hot Florida sun. Each takes his turn sucking cock and getting his face fucked before tearing into each other with hard, raw cocks in a flip-fuck bareback scene that ends with both hunks covered in cum. A true feast for this real-life bareback couple!

Be Ready For Anything Because You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

When it comes to filming porn, it’s usually best to be prepared and ready for anything because you never know what you’re going to get. To prove this example we offer Maximus O’Connell and Justice Cruz. Both have played together before but apparently it’s been a while. Justice is a hungry cock pig by nature. That’s just his natural state. He’s always on the prowl for raw cock and no one can satisfy his hunger or tame that greedy hole like Maximus O’Connell. Wearing his singlet, Maximus takes command of the scene by clearly — and unmistakeably! — letting both Justice and our team know exactly who’s in charge. We might have been in charge of filming but Maximus was the one in charge of Justice from beginning to end. With a scene that incorporates fetish and roughplay, Max ushers Justice into the sling and fucks his face before rimming his ass and plowing it full of thick meat. Can it get any hotter than barebacking outdoors, in a dungeon created under a carport? This is one heavy duty driller and Maximus is shown at his finest, doing what he does best: FUCKING. Whew. Now we need a cigarette!