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A Rican Papi And His Silver-Haired Daddy

Jeff Grove continues to bless Hairy and Raw with his heartpounding and magnificent presence. Tall, strong and totally in control, Jeff is the total package as a bareback top, especially for those who like powerful, aggressive daddies. He’s got the stamina, the big dick, and the silver hair to run your through fingers through as he’s pounding your hole, getting you ready to be his cum dump. Here, in this scene, the handsome top is paired with horny Latino stud Tony Rivera. The duo gets raunchy and verbal, with Jeff getting Tony hard, then fucking his mouth before flipping him over for a taste of his tight, rarely fucked hole. Jeff towers over Tony, overpowering him and thrusting that fat pinga deep in Tony’s wet and sloppy hole, tearing into him like an animal while Tony gleefully strokes his hard cock and waits breathlessly for the deluge of leche that is to come from Jeff’s Daddy dick.

Tattoos, Raw Holes And Pierced Cocks. Oh My!

Want to know what time it is? Why, it’s playtime, of course! Then again, in sunny South Florida, it seems like it’s always playtime. Especially with Bo Bangor and Lex Antoine, who get into some daddy/son roleplay complete with tattoos, raw holes, and pierced cocks. Can we hear an “Oh my?” Bo with his tattooed body, pierced nipples, and mohawk, is a rad dad for Lex, who has a big fat pierced cock and one VERY hungry raw hole. So on a bright afternoon, the two head to their yard for some outdoor bareback fun. But not before a lot of kissing, heavy-duty making out, and lots of cocksucking that will leave you wishing you had a cock of your own nearby.

Horny beast Bo Bangor flexes his muscles and stretches his thick dick in anticipation of ripping up Lex Antoine’s cherry ass. The lusty pair kiss deeply and suck each other’s dicks until Bo can’t contain himself and reaches for that tight ass. Feasting first, and then ramming his cock to the hilt, Bo fucks Lex deep and rough and kinky Lex loves it; his massive dick is rock hard and he’s stroking it in time to Bo’s powerful thrusts. Lex reaches his tipping point first, shooting thick wads of cum all over his stomach, and Bo follows shortly, spraying a thick jet of hot ejaculate all over Lex’s hot hole and dripping crack, and then seeding him deep with his still hard prick.

Bareback Newcomer Darren Kane Inducted By Tony Rivera

When we first met Darren Kane we were smitten by his Southern charm and slow, sensual ways. Then he told us he’s always wanted to be fucked bareback, on camera, by a big, bald, hairy Latino. Well, since we live to comply and make dreams come true where we can, we paired up Darren with veteran hottie Tony Rivera. The two got along better than any other couple we’d ever seen. And with Tony taking Darren under his wing, the newcomer shone brightly as he sucked cock, had his hole rimmed, and was taken for a raw ride. Nothing beats a good moist fuck back home and we sure as hell hope Darren will continue in his newly chosen career. Now g’wan, Darren. Y’all come back now, hear?

The Poolboy And His Hung, Foxy, Silver Haired Daddy

Jeff Grove has taken a few days off from work to do nothing but relax. As he steps out onto his patio, into a beautiful day, he’s forgot all about the poolboy, Christian Matthews. So there go Jeff’s plans for a quick dip in the pool au naturale. But as he watches Christian work, Jeff’s mind wanders to places where it probably shouldn’t. Christian is, after all, the son of his best friend and neighbor. How can he possibly have such raunchy thoughts? Especially about fucking Christian bareback. Giving in to his temptations, and never one that could be accused of being in direct, Jeff starts jerking off. His thick cock attracts Christian’s attention and the younger man is soon on his knees, going down on the silver-haired daddy. This is one thick beast of a cock but Christian slobbers all over it, take care of Jeff like a pro and gagging on the fat piece of meat as he tries to deepthroat but it doesn’t stop him from the service he’s providing. This pleases Jeff. He likes his bottoms to be submissive and willing. After a while, Jeff samples Christian’s tight hole, priming him full of spit as he preps him for a raw fuck. Jeff mounts, penetrates, and rams Christian bareback, pounding into him in a way that makes the younger man scream with unmistakeable pleasure. Eventually, Jeff layes down next to the pool and Christian greedily finishes him off. Jeff gives the poolboy a well-deserved cum facial, most of which ends up on his lips or in his mouth. And like a good boy, Christian laps up every drop of Daddy’s hot cum.