Monthly Archives: June 2013

Pumping Parks Full Of Cock

Our recent trip to the desert was incredibly fruitful. We definitely found several men with flourishing sexual appetites in the hot Arizona sun! In this scene, we happen to catch up with Bud Parks and Tyler Ruger, for an intense bareback fuck session that was one of the highlights of our trip. But first, lean Bud gets his cock sucked by big beefy bull Tyler while the thick-hung black stud works his throbbing shaft with a Fleshlight. The oral action is intense and, the longer you watch Tyler fuck the toy, you want him to take that tree-trunk dick and ram deep into Bud’s tight white ass. After rimming and priming, Tyler does just that. He sticks it to Bud and pumps him bareback until he shoots a big messy load all over the skinny white boy.

Chocolate And Vanilla Bareback Flip Fucking

Summer heat can bring out the very worst, or the very best, from all of us. And then there are those for whom the heat works like an aphrodisiac. The breathing gets heavier, the pulse quickens, the cock distends. You wind up walking around with your balls far lower than if it were cold and, it’s almost as if the head of your dick becomes a heat seeking missile. For some, their holes become like radar, scoping out those heat seeking missiles. And once they find them, those hungry sweaty holes become like beacons for big dicks to come sliding home. Raw. With nothing but sweat for lube. Yeah, it can be funky but there’s something about a sweaty cock sliding into an already moist hole that sends chills down your spine and to your taint.

Bareback brutes Brock Hart and Daemon Sadi were like that when we filmed them during this casual hook up in the south Florida heat. Both were more than eager and ready for raw, beastly sex. In fact, Brock’s crotch was bulging with the anticipation of ramming Daemon’s thick chocolate ass. Daemon was as excited to get fucked but first there was the preliminary and VERY necessary cock sucking in order to add spit to the lube mix. Then, like a renegade bull, Brock bareback fucked the hell out of his new loverboy, jacking his big, brown chocolate stick. The only problem is that when you give, sometimes you have to get. So versatile Brock switched gears and took it up the ass like a champ. Daemon climbed onboard, penetrated the white daddy ass and pounded the fucker with his thick piece until both men are ready to unload. And what an ungodly mess they made!

Daemon Sadi And The Barber Chair

After getting rained out for what would have been an outdoor solo, Daemon Sadi was taken back to a special place where he could show off his best assets in a barber chair. With his libido in constant overdrive, Daemon is spurred on by the heat, as well as the many hot guys cruising the beaches and clubs. Originally from North Carolina, this black bear has lived in New York City and has a special tale to tell while stroking his big black cock. It involves chaps, a stranger, and riding a huge raw dick on a lonely subway car in Manhattan. Naturally, Daemon milked the load from the man with his tight sphincter and taking ever drop of seed up his ass. Can Daemon make it any hotter here in South Florida? Whew!