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Bareback Pigs In Arizona

Big Daddy DJ Russo is the type of man you just might associate with rough trade and turning tricks. This is a man who thinks with his cock and, if he sets his eyes on you, nothing is going to stop him from busting his nut in your tight hole. Rico Vega actually is a hustler and used to life in dark places: being a Latino in Arizona tends to drive you away from the margins of polite society. But when these two old-school fuckers hook up, looking to use each other to get off, it’s a steamy, raunchy fuckfest full of dick sucking and bareback fucking. DJ pushes Rico down on the bed and fingers his hole with his meaty digits, lubing him up with grease and getting him prepped for his rigid cock. And Rico, being the pig that he is, loves watching DJ licking his greasy fingers and tasting him. You’ll feel more than a little dirty watching these hairy bareback sex pigs rutting towards a sweaty, cum-drenching mess. But you’ll be SO damn satisfied! Just like these two were.

Beefy Bryce And His Fat Stogie

Say hello to Beefy Bryce. This young, adorable new model is straight off the Arkansas farm and looking for a hot time on the coast. After a heated summer swim, this corn fed cub takes to his lawn chair in need of rubbing one out. He’s super horny and reaches a cigar. He lights it and puffs away as the sweet scent reminds him of his glory days, when the football Coach would train Bryce in private. Afterwards, the man would drive Bryce home in his pick-up but always made sure they had time to pull over for a blowjob. With Coach in mind, along with the memories of everything they did together, Bryce fires off a hot load of jizz across his belly then kicks back and relaxes with the lingering scent of his cigar and the though that it was his Coach who turned him into a man.

Raw, Hairy Fuckers Harlan Christopher And Nate Wolf

There’s no better way to get to know someone than fucking in a sling in the middle of your very own living room. Naturally, that’s how Nate Wolf is going to take Harlan Christopher. Nate, a twisted and perverted, pierced beefy guy drooling at the very thought of plowing Harlan, is about to find out the type of pig the Ginger Cub can be. But first, there’s a warm up on the floor consisting of intense blow jobs for both horny fuckers. Nate isn’t shy about sucking cock and he does it well, but we think Harlan does it better, encouraged by Nate’s dirty talk and pierced dick. After a while, Nate gets Harlan into the sling, making sure his cock is moist and ready for a deep, hard bang. Sliding his pierced piece of meat into Harlan’s pink hole, Nate begins grunting and sweating towards climax as he pumps the hole of his hungry redhead. Watching Nate’s strong sweaty body plow poor Harlan makes you almost feel sorry for him. ALMOST! Then Nate unloads, all over Harlan’s balls and in his ass. Turned on by Nate’s jizzed cock, Harlan soon follows, spraying his own load on his round belly.