Monthly Archives: August 2013

Bareback Top Fucker DJ Russo Takes Chris Rojo Poolside

As our crew got ready to pack it all up, our producer at Hairy & Raw decided to say farewell to Phoenix with an encore performance from DJ Russo. The rough trick Daddy has his sights set on bearded cub Chris Rojo and he’s got the furry cock hound on lock down. That’s right. Chris belongs to DJ; at least for the moment. Daddy DJ gets his dick serviced by slobbering Chris, who offers up his own cock for a bit of sucking. But once DJ is all worked up and ready to fuck, he gets Chris into position and drills the pig’s hole raw for quite a while as the blazing desert sun drives temperatures into the triple digits. These two will have YOUR temps soaring as well, especially when Chris begs DJ for his hot load!

Bareback Sling Fucking

Tyler Ruger is back and he means business! Clad in leather, he’s in need of a cock sucking slut who will get his dick wet before taking his hole in a sling. Hungry to dominate another bareback bottom slut in the Arizona desert, Tyler hooks up with Buck Ryder in a cheap flophouse. Buck’s got a reputation for being a greedy pig of a dick whore and he won’t take it any other way than raw. The bigger, the stiffer, the better. He loves a big black cock — who doesn’t? — and with Tyler, he gets exactly what Tyler is offering. Cock and nothing but cock. Throbbing, raw, and hard. Tyler makes quite a pig of himself just before, however, making piggy noises and snorting while rimming Buck’s mancunt. This isn’t about kissing or caressing or even gazing fondly into each others eyes. This is raw fucking at it’s primal and they’re all about the filthy, raunchy sling fuck. And that’s exactly what they deliver.

Beefy, Tattooed Daddy Marc Angelo

You know how there are some men who are really intense and no-nonsense? Marc Angelo is the perfect example. When he arrived for the film shoot he was as excited as a young bull. Then he found out the bottom we paired him with had chickened out. Boy, was Marc pissed! Normally, we cancel shoots like that but we found this sexy daddy to be so hot we offered to film him solo. The bearded Daddy looked at our camera with a mixture of amusement and contempt. He still had that look on his face: why did he travel all the way to meet us if we are welcoming him with an empty bed? Couldn’t we go out and find him some fresh meat to fuck? His hard-on was raging when we began coaxing Marc into jerking off, begging him to show us that thick daddy meat. He might have been ready to sink his cock into a raw hole but he loved the praise so much he began to relax. Don’t worry, Daddy. We’ll bring you a fuck slave soon. We promise. Meanwhile, would you mind honoring us to a view of your amazing cock?