Monthly Archives: September 2013

Real Life Lovers Tommy Rocket And Billy Thorne

Real life couples are always fun to shoot. Especially if that couple is Tommy Rocket and Billy Thorne. Tommy, heavily inked, kisses and makes out with his partner Billy. After the almost romantic foreplay the two hairy men trade blowjobs. Tommy dives for Billy’s hole after a while, rimming him deep and priming him for a raw fuck. And then the good stuff begins. Hard dick in tight bear hole. Billy gets pounded rough, just like he likes it. And we have to admit, watching Billy slurp cum from Tommy’s subincisioned cock is a true sight to behold!

Cubs That Bump In The Night

A songwriter once wrote, “night time’s the right for kissing and reminiscing.” That may very well be true but night time is also the right time for some hot and hairy cub on otter fucking. Especially in Montreal, where the men get piggy, and especially if it’s raw. After a quick beer and a smoke, Mathias Cubst gets hit on by Donathan Dramis. What can the beefy cub do but bring the hungry cocksucker back to his place? Starting off with some back alley kissing to dark room fucking, these two leather boys would be right up anyone’s alley…a bareback alley…as the cubs go bump in the night.

Pierced, Tattooed, Indie Daddy Is A Charmer

Snake Stone is a truly one of the most unique specimens we’ve ever filmed. He’s lean and strong, with crazy facial hair, and a smooth pate. To say nothing of his intense piercings! We got this fetish loving Daddy in front of the camera after promising him some time for a solo rubber jack-off scene. The man really brought it. Bulging inside the rubber shorts, you can see his hairy ass and thick, pierced dick, teasing the camera, wanting to come out and play. Snake lives up to his name, charming us and handling his fat cock as he gets hard for the camera. He loves to play with and tug on his huge prince albert piercing, teasing his engorged cock even more. By the time he shot his load — which was massive — we were all salivating!