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Daddy Lovin’ Parker Boyd Flip Fucks With Scott Reynolds

Anyone who’s watched Parker Boyd in action knows that this is one man who LOVES his daddies. Mostly bottom, Parker lives to pleased. However, Scott Reynolds is about to take the lean fuck machine to the limit in this daddy/son barebacking ageplay scene. This hot flip fuck shows off both men pounding each other raw. That’s right. Parker tops! Grizzled daddy Scott with his bristling ‘stache is breathing heavy when Parker mounts him, plugging his wet fuck hole. He might be a little older but there’s nothing broken with his cock and his lust still runs quite deep. He gets his from Parker then flips the “youngster” to penetrate his hungry hole. Scott nails Parker like a heat seeking missile, exploding in a special scene with two raunchy fuckers.

Real Life Couple Alan Romiero and Kit Montana Like Their Bareback Wet & Sloppy

Real life couples like Alan Ramiero and Kit Montana don’t come along very often. Which is why, when they do, we love, love, LOVE getting them on Hairy and Raw. Both of these guys are big burly dudes with a huge libido. And, although they traveled all the way to Texas by bus to do the shoot, the hours spent did not lessen their desire to fuck on camera. Kit gets Alan warmed up, kissing and licking and pulling off his shorts to unleash Alan’s fat dick. Alan loves the blowjob, but he’d always rather stick his dick in a hole so he plays with Kit’s fat ass then flips the big bottom onto his back. Thrusting his cock deep into Kit, Alan fucks like a crazy dog in heat until the bed is shaking. Kit switches it up by straddling Alan and jerks off until he shoots all over his lover’s belly. Alan soon follows, shooting his own load deep inside Kit’s hole and seeding him. These two might be bears by association but they’re pigs who love their bareback wet, sloppy and raunchy! Hmmm. Would that be an oink or a growl?

Boner Pig Bone Flexx

Jerking off. Playing with yourself. Choking the chicken. Pulling your meat. Pounding the pud. Regardless of what you call man’s favorite pastime, masturbating is something we all do. It just feels good. Especially when you release all your tension with a blast of fresh jizz! For some, it’s a simple deal. They spit into the palm of their hand while in a men’s room toilet and go to town. For others, it’s a production: lube, videos, the proper attire. It all depends on how horny you are, how desperately you need to get off, and how much time you have. In this scene, Bone Flexx has plenty of time. The handsome, blue-eyed otter gets off on being watched and getting filmed. In fact, that only thing that turns him on more is boners. So why don’t you whip YOUR dick out, along with your favorite lube, and check out Bone. He’s got a nice big cock to work over while you watch him work up to a juicy load with nice, long strokes. Wanna taste? Yeah. That’s right. Just open your mouth, stick your tongue out and lap that jizz up. Go ahead. It’s okay if you taste your own. But if you do, send us pictures of you doing it!

Spit Roasting Bareback Tag Team Fucking 3-Way

Kurt Lowe and Bone Flexx are getting warmed up with a raw session full of kissing, cock sucking and some dildo play. Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. Well, who could that be? Always up for an adventure, they open the door and, lo and behold, Taylor Michael is standing there with a hard on. He was ready for fun and sinking his dick in a tight hole. So I invited him into the room and into the scene for a spit roasting bareback tag team fucking 3-way. And man, what a scene it was! Double ended flip fucking with deep dick pounding. Just one of many great ways to spend a hot, Sunday afternoon.