Monthly Archives: December 2013

Flip Flopping Fuck Buddies Troy Collins and CanaDad

Something special happen when two men become fuck buddies. It creates a bond that allows for each man to anticipate what the other one needs. They learn how to service each other and move effortlessly from kissing, to sucking, to fucking. Especially when the two men involved are bareback sex pigs Troy Collins and CanaDad. They know just what the other likes and are always ready to provide…whatever it is they’re yearning for. This time, Troy is in bed working himself up when CanaDad stops by for play time. These are real men: hairy and horny with dad-next-door looks. CanaDad is especially eager to work Troy’s hole with his tongue and swallow his thick shaft. And although Troy loves the way Canadad’s thick lumberjack beard brushes his balls when he’s rimmed, he’s just as eager to taste the big, burly daddy’s asshole. The pair of horny cock and hole freaks flip fuck, pounding each other furiously until they’re drenched with sweat. CanaDad drops a huge load that will make YOU weak in the knees!

Sex Pigs Jesse Hammer and Wolf Getz

We have reached deep in the archive this week to bring you this never seen before release. With Jesse Hammer and Wolf Getz this scene is bound to make you want more with it’s intensiveness, nastiness and raunchyness! As the two bareback fuckers grab and paw at each other you can almost smell the macho musk. They exchange rimjobs that neither of them can get enough of, they don’t want them to end. But that is just the beginning of the scene, the best is yet to come in the form of a bareback flip flop fuck ending up with them being covered in each others hot sticky cum!

A Hairy & Raw Cumpilation Explosion

Alright, now. Listen up all you bareback sex fiends and cum whores! We all know the reason why you enjoy raw fucking so much. The cum. The connection is another man’s seed pours, splatters, spurts all over you. In you. It’s always about the DNA and getting your man’s nutt, whether he’s a short- or long-term fuck buddy or a complete stranger. With all you cum freaks in mind, Hairy&Raw brings you a scene that’s jizz-packed. Featuring your favorite filthy scenes from the past 12 months, we’ve stripped away everything but the one thing that counts the most; the money shot. So, without further a do, here are the best cum shots of 2013: raw breeding, seeding and sloppy seconds for your crazy lustful pleasure. No frilly setup, just real men, hot fucking, and NO condoms. Pure, animalistic bareback sex culminating in a cascade of spunk-filled eruptions with sexy studs like Brock Hart, Bo Bangor, super-bottom Pablo Paris, and new faces like Bone Flexx, Sailor and Daemon Sadi. How far can you get before you lose YOUR nut?