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Hungry? Have A Cub Sandwich With Venice Cub, Andrew Mason And Joey

Every once in a while at Hairy&Raw, we go through our archives in order to file and store the hundreds of scenes we’ve filmed over the years. Recently, we were doing just that when we came across a bareback trio that tickled our fancy, got us hard, and made us want to whip out our collective dicks for a good stroke. That scene is “Cub Sandwich” with Venice Cub, Andrew Mason, and Joey, one very hungry and greedy bareback bottom who truly enjoyed getting tag team fucked and spit roasted. Venice Cub, naturally, needs no introduction as he’s quite popular among our fans and has quite a following. Andrew, burly, furry, and eager to plug a tight hole was, at the time, a porn newcummer. As for Joey, well, let’s just say this little slut couldn’t get enough cock and thoroughly enjoyed getting his hole rocked! After having viewed the hairy, horny threesome we decided to share them with you once more rather than locking them in our vaults…the video, that is. Not the hot men. And so, here is “Cub Sandwich,” for your perverted entertainment with Joey getting stuffed full of cock and coated in cum.

Insatiable Down-To-Fuck Pigs Randy Harden And Scott Reynolds

Ever since Randy Harden appeared on Hairy and Raw he’s been making the rounds on other bareback sites. Now, the versatile bareback fucker is back, this time paired with Scott Reynolds, another dominant versatile. Randy eagerly stepped up to bottom for the wiley old wolf and hard tough guy takes it like a champ! Scott is a walking wet dream for Randy, who fantasizes about the older leather daddy, his thick mustache, ripped arms, and cock as thick as a club. Scott’s own dick is dripping in anticipation of fucking Randy, the would-be power bottom: pure pig, pierced nipples and a hard scruff of beard and a super muscular, super hairy ass. With almost no foreplay, these insatiable pigs are both, as they, DTF (down-to-fuck)! Scott fucks Randy hard, shooting early, but the bareback veteran slams his dripping cock back into Randy’s ass and keeps driving. Randy jacks himself off and sprays his own huge load onto Scott’s pubes and dick. Classic, messy and wet, just how we love it at Hairy and Raw!

Sean Bonar Boned Raw By Troy Miller

Lean otter, Sean Bonar is taking a shower when bald-headed Daddy, Troy Miller comes home. Already horned, Sean strips Troy down and in no time is getting drilled by the man, taking a huge cock up his ass. The slender tattooed slut pig wants it deep and hard and raw and Troy’s cock is filling him like no other. With one of the biggest cocks we’ve seen on Hairy and Raw, Sean is soon groaning and begging Troy for that sticky load. But Troy teases, finally dumping his load in Sean’s hungry mouth. Nothing like getting dirty after getting clean!

Big Bottom Steve Brody Goes Top For CanaDad

Steve Brody is usually a bottom slut. He loves taking cock, especially from a hot bearded Dad. Lately, however, it seems Steve’s got something to prove. Guess he wants to make sure he can be a good top. Since CanaDad was in town, there was no other man we wanted to pair Steve up with than this tall, lean, bushy bearded dad. We figured that if Steve could satisfy the hungry power bottom, Steve would be well on his way to being the good top he wants to be…from time to time, that is. So, in walks CanaDad and Steve’s jaw hit the floor. The man is DEFINITELY a man’s man and the type of man Steve would normally spread his legs for…but with something to prove, Steve held firm to his topping desires. And TOP he did! After opening up CanaDad’s hole with his mouth, Steve drills and pounds him until its time to fill him with his seed. A very happy CanaDad provides his own load and, after coming back down to Earth, the greedy cock whore declared Steve a satisfying top, giving him two thumbs up!