Monthly Archives: April 2014

Skott Locke Seeds Runner Hayes

Skott Locke and Runner Hayes had been texting back and forth about fucking and were super cool about letting us film their hookup in Dallas a few weeks ago. By the time they finally got to the hotel room, their excitement had built up to a fevered pitch. Both of these guys are definitely new school hairy bareback fuckers, with tattoos, piercings, and beards. In fact, they look like the type of guys you might see any given day getting a craft beer or showing off on their fixie in Brooklyn or Portland. Once in bed, Skott and Runner are all down for the porn, complete with dirty talk, pawing each other’s shirts open and running their fingers through thick mats of chest hair. Skott sucks Runner and Runner savors the sensation before showing Skott his own oral skills. But Skott wants to get deep in Runner’s hairy hole. It’s what he’s been wanting from the start, so he flips Runner over and works his hole over with his tongue. After loosening and priming the cock hungry bottom, Scott hawks up a gob of spit and slides home, shoving his cock balls deep. He’s all about the fast, intense fucking and Runner’s really vocal. Skott eventually busts his nut all over Runner’s hairy crack and hole, seeding him and pushing cum deep inside with his ever-hard cock. And you’ll see them only here, EXCLUSIVELY on Hairy&Raw!

Raw Bull Riders Jay Wolf and Lobo Al

Lobo Al is one of our favorite fuckers on Hairy and Raw. In fact, every time we’re in Texas, we ring him up to see if he’s ready to take a pounding. He never disappoints. We hooked up with thick-dicked newcomer, Jay Wolf, whose appetite for hard, rough barebacking is insatiable! On the day we were scheduled to film, thunderstorms threatened to derail the shoot by disrupting the power. Lights or no lights, Al wasn’t about to miss taking Jay’s uncut 8×7 shaft. So we improvised with camera mounted lights. The horny bastards gave us an epic performance, definitely one of the best videos we’ve ever shot for Hairy and Raw. Jay eats Al’s hole like he’s devouring sweet candy, then ram his thick cock deep inside with only spit for lube. The young pup pounds Al, slapping his balls against the bottom’s furry ass. But Jay’s not a pure top. He loves taking a stiff cock in his hole, too. Since Lobo is game, he flips the fucker and delivers his own hot rod penetration. He fucks Jay like a bull and shoots his seed deep into Jay’s tight hole. Jay then remounts Al and keeps fucking him from behind, releasing a hot load all over his tattooed back. Told you this was one of the best videos ever. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, check it out for yourselves!

Tough Brawny Fuckers Scott Irish and Troy Webb

Alright all you horny bunch of stud fuckers, now pay attention! We’ve been wanting to feature this pair of tough, brawny fuckers on Hairy&Raw for ages. The trouble is we couldn’t get them together…until now. We were thrilled to get Scott Irish and Troy Webb together during our recent trip to Dallas. Making their return to the site after seemingly forever, the sexy beasts are ready to get their fuck on and let loose a gallon of cum. Both were extremely horny and VERY into each other. Naturally, they didn’t care much about foreplay since it was all about that primal urge to mate, cum, and give each other seed. They were quickly shirtless, then completely naked on the couch, and stroking each other while roughly kissing, beard-on-beard. Troy is hulking, hairy and hung. He might be a big bruiser but he loves to feel a cock up his ass almost as much as he loves ramming his sperm-lubed shaft up another dude’s hairy hole. Scott’s no slouch either! Covered with a roadmap of tattoos and an intimidatingly hefty musculature, Scott enjoys a good flip fuck. With no time to spare, Scott is buried balls deep inside Troy’s hole, talking dirty to the power bottom and driving that fat cock hard. Troy loves the penetration and starts bucking his hips to get the shaft pounding him deeper. Scott works Troy’s cock while fucking him and wants to get his own hole fucked, too. So, in a split second, he pulls out and climbs onto Troy’s raging hard dick. And now it’s Troy who gets to bang his fucktoy like an animal! You don’t want to miss this one. And you DON’T want to stop watching the huge hairy guys bareback fucking like animals. Troy jerks a huge load across his stomach and Scott follows suit. We can hardly wait until they make a sequel! For now, though, grab hold of your favorite lube, wrap, that fist around your cock, and join us as we ALL jerk off together, edging towards a huge explosion of cum.