Monthly Archives: May 2014

Big Bear Bareback Group Fuck

While filming in Texas this spring, we had a ton of guys who wanted to come out and show off their bareback fucking skills. In fact, we got so overbooked, we ended up with four guys showing up at the same time! We couldn’t let that talent go to waste, so we got strapped in and let Nate Wolf, Maximus O’Connell, Taylor Michaels and SuperCub take us on a wild ride. The hotel room became an orgy scene like something out of a bathhouse or sex club. Max got lucky and ended up as everyone’s bottom bitch and took a few sticky loads. We had SO much fun at this shoot and we’ve no doubt you will, too. And who knows? This big bear bareback group fuck — EXCLUSIVELY on, just might even get YOU in the mood to plan gangbang for this weekend!

What Raw Viking Sex Looks Like

Rusty G proved to be an insatiable beast during our last weekend shoot in Dallas. Built like a bull — or some kind of Viking Fire Giant — he laid waste to our talent in Big D. Just take a look at Runner Hayes. He tried his absolute best to satisfy the horny savage, but in the end was reduced to laying in submission, stroking his cock in amazement until he unloads a huge load across his own bearded chin. Rusty swallowed Runner’s cock and ate his slick hole before flipping him on his back and ramming his cock into the mustachioed hipster’s greedy hole. Rusty loves bareback fucking and this is what his Viking forebears must have looked like in the midst of pillaging their conquered foes. Raw and powerful and you’ll find it only here, EXCLUSIVELY on!

Bareback Veterans Dade Duke and Kit Montana

Kit Montana and Dade Duke are a couple of bareback veterans, always eager to get their fuck on. Dade’s got a big fat daddy cock and still gets it up as if he were a horny 20-something, while Kit is a greedy bottom who loves to get fucked deep and rough. Dade fingers Kit, making sure he’s slick and lubed with spit as he tongues his hole. And Kit practically begs to get filled. Eventually, Dade stops teasing and slides his cock into Kit’s wide ass. He starts pounding hard, giving the voraciously cock hungry Kit the satisfaction he yearns for. He uses his mouth to finish Dade off then Dade clutches his cock and jerks it, spewing a thick shower of jizz all over Kit’s face and beard. This wet and sexy scene is EXCLUSIVELY on!

Rex Blue and Rusty G, Perfectly Matched Bareback Fuckers

Rex Blue is a total horndog and, despite his sweet exterior, he’s a walking vial of testosterone. It seems he’s always got a hard-on! And goodness knows he’ll fuck any man that stops in front of him longer than half a second. Rusty G, on the other hand, is a force of nature. Fucking him is not unlike conquering a mountaintop. From the looks of him, he might have easily off the set of Game of Thrones and we were very lucky to have him fall into our laps for this hot scene. Rex’s hard cock pumps Rusty’s big bubble butt and both of these guys end up sweating and grunting like animals. This is a great match-up of a pair who love bareback fucking and, don’t we just love it when hairy men fuck raw. Hairy and Raw, indeed!