Monthly Archives: June 2014

Big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor

At HairyandRaw this week, big Ginger Bear Tate Taylor graces us with us his presence and gives a fantastic, furious performance! We’ve not seen stroke shows with this intensity in a while. Lubing up, Tate gets his throbbing dick and firey crotch slick and messy then massages his meat as he tells us some wonderfully filthy things about himself and his sex life. Building up to a frenzy, he blows a sweet, sticky load of cum all over his hairy belly. We don’t mind taking a break from bareback action when we get to see a real hairy man like Tate crank his shaft and rub out a hot cumshot!

Sexting Leads To Massive Wad And Seeded Hole

Most everyone enjoys some Daddy-on-Cub action. But what about some Cub-on-Daddy action? Hairy&Raw paired Rex Blue and Runner Hayes together for just that purpose. The two were wrapping up a very busy shooting week in Dallas. They’d been sexting back and forth: they wanted their scene to blow everyone out of the water. Rex suggested going the kinky route and, since Runner confessed he’d always wanted to get fucked raw while blindfolded, they had their hook! But Rex does him one better. He ties Runner’s wrists with a belt above his head so he’s helpless as a snared animal. Rex goes to work on the eager Runner, sucking his dick and face fucking him, before flipping him over and rimming him out to open his hole. Rex pushes his fat dick into Runner’s willing ass, fucking him raw, deep and hard until he shoots all over Runner’s hairy crack. And we’re treated to some seeding action, as is Runner. Feeling satisfied and generous, Rex slides a Fleshjack over Runner’s cock and pumps away. Soon, Runner is writhing in ecstasy, shooting a massive wad that lands right on his bearded face. What a distance shooter! Classic kinky bareback sex, EXCLUSIVELY from Hairy and Raw.

Beefy Daddy Nate Pierce and Ginger Giant Rusty G

This week, Hairy&Raw features Beefy Daddy Nate Pierce and Ginger Giant Rusty G. Nate gets a call from Rusty after meeting at the hotel gym and exchanging numbers. Rusty loves beefy daddies and Nate has everything the Ginger Giant is looking for…and much, much more! A one-of-a-kind specimen, Nate has a muscular body, with lots of fur.  And then there’s that sexy white patch in the center of his chest. Tattoos are inked all over his flesh and to top it all off, Nate has a ton of hot piercings. He’s got a huge Prince Albert, and rings at the base of his scrotum plus 3 guiche piercings. His voice is deep and sexy and he’s a handsome fucker to boot! After getting comfy on the sofa, cocks quickly come out and Rusty and Nate trade blowjobs, along with some slick rimming. But Nate wants cock and he wants it deep. So he spreads his legs for Rusty to fuck him exactly how he likes it: raw, hard and deep. Big Red can’t wait to fuck this dirty daddy bareback and both are in heaven once his cock slides home. You get a great view of Nate’s tense abs while getting fucked on his back, and he gives Rusty a helping hand to get him to spew his load of hot jizz. Don’t miss Nate Pierce and Rusy G, EXCLUSIVELY on!