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Rusty McMann and Ty Tull

Rusty McMann and Ty Tull are a couple of heavyweight daddies who couldn’t keep their hands off each other we we invited them to shoot for Hairy and Raw. Both have pierced cocks, and they’re eager to get naked and get off. Ty sucks Randy’s stiff boner and Randy’s arousal levels are going through the roof. He flips Ty around and buries his face in Ty’s voluminous ass cheeks. Randy has great fun rimming Ty’s big fat hole and both men are eager to feel bareback penetration and friction. Randy grunts and pushes and soon explodes a gusher of cum deep into Ty’s ass crack. Amazing heavyweight bareback action with two real guys!

Suited Daddy Bo Francis Strips Down For Some Solo Cock Action!

Bo Francis is busy and rarely gets a break from the endless demands of work and family. This DILF has a secret — when the stress is too much, he gets a room in a cheap motel and spends his lunch hour getting naked and jerking off! We told Bo we hadn’t met such a strapping daddy in a long time and that we love seeing older guys get nasty, and we begged him pretty please, could we watch him jerk off? The idea of an audience made Bo incredibly horny and he agreed, so we rented the room and waited for him to show up. He was true to his word, and he stripped for us, showing off his hairy chest and belly, and shockingly thick wood! He worked his cock erect really quickly and was bucking his hips when he was ready to pop: his orgasm has hard and intense and it left sticky cum all over his hairy belly.

Raw Daddy tops Young Stud in a Sling

Sailor Blue is a Hairy and Raw classic: an older guy with a sexual appetite stuck in overdrive; he’s beefy and super masculine in a way that says he’s about total control. He’s tweaked his looked since his last appearance on H&R — he shaved his beard but kept his thick mustache — another classic turn on for this mature daddy. He’s ventured into the bathhouse looking for a new hookup, and he’s found one with indie boi Shane Stone. Lean and hungry, Shane’s covered in tattoos and wants a rough daddy to top him long and hard. The pair get lucky and find a sling set up, and they waste no time. Sailor eats Shane’s ass like it was candy, getting his hole wet for fucking and getting his cock hard for teasing. When Sailor goes in deep, he hits it hard and fast. This bareback fucking duo is slamming at a crazy pace — Sailor’s an old hand and he’s not going to bust his nut quick like freshman. He plows and pounds, driving Shane crazy and when he’s ready to shoot, its a monster gusher. Can’t wait to see Sailor again ASAP!

Two Muscle Pigs fuck Bareback

Troy Webb is one our favourites on Hairy and Raw; he’s built like a lineman, he’s covered in fur, and in football parlance, he’ll play both ways and he’ll run you ragged either way! Troy is matched up with raw newcomer Wade Cashen, who’s as big and burly as Troy, and he’s got a hungry hole that needs to be filled with every inch of Troy’s cock. They start with a lot of deep, wet kissing and groping, and Wade is ready to taste Troy’s cock right off the bat. He uses his mouth to get Troy hard and Troy responds by increasing his cock thrusting tempo and grunting louder and louder. He’s a fucking caveman on the loose! Troy spends some time devouring Wade’s girthy cock and eating his muscular ass before spit-lubing his cock and pushing deep inside Wade’s hole. These two behemoths pump and fuck, and their raw fucking energy is crazy…Troy dumps his load and Wade quickly follows…these two hairy bareback fuckers have made a huge sloppy mess!