Monthly Archives: November 2014

Daddy Lucas

We told Daddy Lucas that we wanted to see him looking his best for this shoot, but when he showed up in that sharp suit, our knees buckled! How do you take a hot older man, arguably one of the hottest we've seen on Hairy&Raw in the last year, and make him better? Put him in a jacket and tie, and every fantasy you've had about older, take charge bear daddies will come true. But Lucas didn't come empty handed. He's got his new toys to try out for the camera, including a pair of nipple clamps and a penis pump! Lucas' big, thick cock slides into the tube and he pumps it up, cranking the pressure, and he uses it to stroke himself. In between pumps, he's tugging on his nipples and grunting with pleasure. This solo scene is a Daddy Bear classic, don't you dare miss it!

DJ Russo

DJ Russo is one of our favourite Daddys — he’s stern, serious and he’ll tell you what he wants you to do for him. He gets naked and comfortable, showing off his ass and his hairy hole, spreading his legs and letting you get a look at his hard cock and his giant balls. He wants you to come closed and lick his hole, suck his cock and lap up his cum like a fresh pup.

Matt Jarrod

We’ve missed seeing Matt Jarrod on Hairy and Raw, and we found an unpublished photo set featuring the hulking brute in the changing room. Freshly pumped up after hitting the weights, Matt strips naked and lets you get a close look at his massive frame and bubble butt. His cock is hard and dripping precum, and he rubs out a load for us like a true locker room stud.

Bone Flexx and Aiden Storm

Bone Flexx is on the hunt for cock and he’s not stopping until he feels that meat fucking his furry hole…after cruising the pool and striking out, he remembers his buddy Aiden had slept in and was probably getting ready to join him. So Bone decides to give Aiden a hand getting ready, and he spies the burly bear drying off after a shower. The pair start pawing each other and making out, beards rubbing each other, and they reach for one another’s cocks. Bone sucks Aiden’s dick and fingers his hole, trying to swallow as much of his pole as possible. Aiden turns Bone around and bends him over the sink and rams his bare cock deep inside of Bone, and fucks him as deep as he can. Bone loves every second of this bareback penetration and Aiden erupts inside of him, shooting his cum deep inside of Bone’s furry ass until it’s dripping on the floor below them.