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Steve Sommers

It's time for your injection from the hot male nurse! Steve Sommers is slacking off from his job at the hospital, and who can blame him with all the hysteria going on these days! He's just received a few thick fleshy dildos in the mail and he's eager to test them and see how they feel in his tight, hairy hole! Steve strips out of his scrubs and flashes you a peek of his old-school jock strap while he's loading his favourite porn on his tablet. Lubing up the first thick dildo, he gets his fingers slick and warms up his hole while jerking his stiff cock. After some unbearable teasing, this fury daddy pushes in the rubber shaft and starts pumping rhythmically while stroking his thick member. He edges himself to climax, teasing himself and backing off, before he finally shoots a thick, sticky, explosive load all over his hairy belly! What a voracious wolf!

Bone Flexx, Blake Bradley and Troy Webb

Bone Flexx continues his quest for sexual satisfaction in a 3-way with Blake Bradley and Troy Webb. It's a cock sucking free for all with a surprising shift when Bone, who usually prefers to be the bottom, spit-roasts and tag team fucks Blake. In an even more surprising twist, big butch bad-ass Troy throw his legs up in the air for some deep Bone fucking!

Bone Flexx Gloryhole

We catch up with Bone Flexx at the gloryhole of his local bathhouse. Eager to serve, Bone kneels. Almost immediately, a fat cock appears for him to service. The dick hungry pig chows down, feeding on the thick piece of anonymous meat. At least, it's anonymous to him. We know who it is but we didn't telling Bone. Not that it would have mattered. Because when you're propelled by the lust to feed and service some big, fat dick — just like Bone does in this nasty scene — that's all that matters. Bone gets a face full of hot jizz and once he's milked the last drop of seed from the anonymous cock at the gloryhole, he gets up and exits, cum all over his face, in search of his next meal.