Monthly Archives: February 2015

Bearsilien Solo

Bearsilien needs help. He’s addicted to ass. Bear ass, in particular. Every time he imagines one all he wants is to bury his face in a hairy crack and go to town. He can’t keep his mind off how they look or how they taste as he licks and rims away, making a pig of himself. The doctor’s advice? Give in to your temptation, it’s the only way to work through your problems. Bearsilien kicks back and does exactly what the doctor orders, stroking his cock while rubbing his hairy body and talking dirty. The pig has constant eye contact as he shows off his ass then takes off his leather jock, inviting you to join with those bedroom eyes. So, go ahead. Whip your dick out and start stroking. Give in to your temptation and work your cock until you explode, like Bearsilien. Doctor’s orders!

Gruff Hunter and Tate Taylor

Gruff Hunter and Tate Taylor met online. They started chatting and had an instant connection, from their quirky sense of humor to the fun they enjoy in bed. And it shows! Right from the start these two are not only on the same page, they’re on the same wavelength! Bearded, tattooed, and pierced cub make out like hungry pigs, stripping down for some greedy piggy type cock sucking and butt munching. Gruff admitted later no one’s tongued fucked his hole the way Tate did during filming. As for the fucking, we won’t give you a blow-by-blow, as it were. Suffice to say that it was some intense dick in hole action and these two were so DTF (down-to-fuck) they practically broke the bed. Now THAT’S a good fuck and the type of story you want to kiss and tell about!

Cooper Hill Solo

Bearded, tattooed and humpy Cooper Hill is dirty and sweaty. Time for a shower! But as the handsome man starts lathering up he gets a bit horny. Kicking back in the luxurious shower/tub combo, he starts playing with his cock, getting it all soapy and tugging on freshly shaved balls. He plays with his nipples and fingers his hole from time to time but it’s his big, low-hanging nuts that need the relief. Clean up in aisle…errrmmm…jizz clean up needed in the shower!

Bear Waters and Teddy Osborne

When Bear Waters checks warehouse inventory against his list of shipments, he discovers a load has not yet been delivered. Who made the mistake? Poor cute newbie, Teddy Osborne. The beefy blond cub accepts full responsibility and is ready for any punishment his foreman/boss has to offer. And with such a willing submissive, who can blame Bear for doing the nasty things he does to Teddy? In fact, the pig bottom cub is SO ready to accept Bear’s punishment he practically hog ties himself! Bear, large and in charge, grabs hold of Teddy’s cock and chows down before filling his hole with spit, then cock. Big balls, big men, and big loads. Looks like Teddy’s position is secure…for now!