Monthly Archives: May 2015

Tristan Riant and Buster Nasstee

Tristan Riant has hired Buster Nasstee as contractor on the Bear Riders Club project. Buster comes with plenty of experience and is well connected. Plus he's got two very willing and hungry holes! Always eager and ready for sex, Buster knows he needs to do a good job because there's something he wants very badly…Tristan's fat uncut cock! And once Tristan sees just how well Buster is doing, he gives Buster exactly what he wants…and needs. Thick and raw and sliding balls deep inside Buster, Tristan rewards him with what will hopefully be the first step of many, on his way to becoming a Bear Rider.

Phil Mehup, Bear Steven and Bearsilien

While Bear Steven and Bearsilien take a break, Phil Mehup cleans up after them. When the crew members return, they’re super horny and in need of relieving a couple of loads. So they decide to have a bit of fun. Naturally they check on the newbie to see how his clean-up skills measure up but it’s his mouth and ass they really want. And with Phil always ready to give up his holes, the clothes soon go flying. Bear Steven and Bearsilien spit roast and tag team fuck the submissive bottom, using him for their raw pleasure, giving him as much cock as he can handle. At least until the foreman shows up and the bareback trio becomes a fourway of pounding cocks and stuffed holes, but you’ll have to wait until part two for that one. For now, enjoy Bear Steven, Bearsilien, and Phil Mehup who get dirty instead of cleaning up!

Steve Brody Solo

Steve Brody is on set to do some repairs. While on break, the construction worker finds himself all alone and knows that since he’s on his own time, there’s a different kind of repair he needs to take care of. Then again, jerking off isn’t exactly repairs. It’s more along the lines of routine maintenance when there’s no one with you to release the pressure. The humpy and hairy blue collar worker strips down while still utilizing his tool belt. He strokes his cock then teases his own hole, since there’s no one around to do it for him. Eventually, he pulls out the hammer and uses it to rub up against his ass, dreaming of a thick, long, hard cock. Steve strokes out a good one, blowing off some necessary steam before getting back to work. Break time is over. So? What are you going to do with YOUR break time?

Skott Locke, Ted Pino and Phil Daniels

After starting a hot bareback session with daddy Scott Locke, leatherboy bottom Phil Daniels has a surprise. Enter masked, tattooed sex hound Ted Pino. Now Scott has two eager, hungry cocksuckers to service him! Meaty dicks, greedy pigs, and cum splattering on gaping holes soon follow. So if you like sloppy fuckholes and greedy whores who live for raw dick and big loads, don’t miss Phil, Scott and Ted in this part two scene!