Monthly Archives: August 2015

Sebastian Sax and Skott Locke

In a musty old cistern, once used for water storage, Skott Locke is working his cock all alone…or so he thinks! Sebastian Sax soon climbs down to join the bearded bear and what follows is a heavy duty cock sucking session with lots of slurping, noise and wetness. Just the way oral sex should be! After taking turns servicing each other, Skott services Sebastian's hungry fuckhole, rimming the bottom blond pig cub. Sebastian soon learns the importance of laying pipe as tattooed and pierced Skott drills his hole hard, deep, and without mercy. They work up quite a sweat as they get close to dropping their loads, with Skott unleashing a torrent of cum, seeding Sebastian who then gives Skott a cum facial. And doesn't that jizz look good all over Skott's beard! Now what these two need is a cool shower and some fresh clothes.

Rock Hunter and Steve Sommers

In part one of three, Rock Hunter and Steve Sommers are super hot and horny in their room at a Provincetown motel. Then again, it seems these two are always horny. Hungry for cock, Steve goes down on Rock, who fucks Steve's throat aggressively. Rock quickly pushes aside all formalities and gets right down to the business of rimming Steve's hairy hole before sliding his cock home and starts fucking. And we're talking fast and furious, down and dirty bareback hole pounding with Steve plowed mercilessly. Hell, these two are so horny they didn't even bother taking off their jockstraps! As Steve rides Rock's cock, the action intensifies when Tate Taylor and Scott Locke, after fucking behind the RV, walk into the room making out and ready for round 2. So, stay tuned!

Tate Taylor and Scott Locke

Scott Locke has just arrived at the campgrounds and he's checking the place out when he spots Tate Taylor sitting at a park bench. Obviously pleased with the sight of the hulking newcomer, Tate offers to give Scott a personal tour but there's only thing on his mind and it has nothing to do with bonfires! Slammed up against an RV, the two big bearded men start making out and Tate shows off his oral skills. Definitely a cock pig! Before moving on to deeper, harder penetration, Tate and Scott clean up by rinsing off but get dirty and nasty as Scott's tongue meets Tate's hole. The redheaded cock slut, now in a sling, gets loud as Scott pushes him over the edge, teasing and playing and stretching and sucking…then sinks his cock into Tate with one fell swoop. The bearded, pierced, and tattooed bears go at it like wild boars, with Scott pounding away so hard we thought Tate was going to do a 360! Scott splatters a thick load of jizz all over Tate's balls then seeds his hungry hairy hole before ending with a sweet kiss.

Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston

Ray Hudson and Teddy Johnston haven't been dating very long. In fact, really only a couple of weeks. They liked each other from the start and there was some intense sensuality smoldering between them. Unfortunately, with their busy schedules and odd work hours, it was a while before they could hook up and seal the deal, as it were. Teddy is a meaty boy with fur all over his chest and belly. The indie cub loves piercings and has a thing for jockstraps and wore one for their encounter. After working Ray's cock and sucking on his balls, Teddy sits back to enjoy Ray's oral skills. Soon, however, Teddy is sitting on Ray's face while the otter rims that cubalicious fuckhole! Shortly after, Ray is barebacking Teddy's fat hairy ass, banging away while big balls just sway back and forth like a pendulum. The cockring wearing Ray pounds and pounds and pounds away but Teddy’s pierced cock never once softens. Indie cub and otter work up quite a sweat before each blows his load all over Teddy's furry body. We think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, at the very least!