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Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers, and Skott Locke – Part 2

Part 2 of this steamy bareback foursome with Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers and Skott Locke started off with Tate and Skott barging into the room where Steve and Rock were fucking. Now, in part 3, the action continues and it is as nasty and dirty as you can imagine! While Steve is getting plowed by Skott at one end of the bed, Tate is at the other, getting fucked by Rock. And these men are none too gentle as they ram raw bear cock inside hungry, hairy fuckholes! It’s like a competition between Steve and Tate to see who can be the sluttiest, except after a while, even Tate seems to be in awe of how hungry Steve can be and the bottom becomes a top as Tate pounds away at Steve’s stretched out manhole. Aggressive and rough, with a bit of CBT as the men pull on Steve’s privates, Tate and Skott take turns breeding and seeding Steve until they’re all a quivering, sweaty mess!

Bear Steven and Ricky Rick, Part 2

After picking up harnessed cock pig and getting sucked off in part one of this piggy scene, Bear Steven bends Ricky Rick over his decked out motorcycle and goes to town all over Ricky’s hot and hungry ass in part two of their bareback encounter. Rimming and fingering, Bear preps Ricky then slides home, balls deep, using the willing pig’s ass for what it was meant for…to satisfy raw top fuckers in need of a bottom hole. The bareback whore takes a pounding from Bear, stuffed as he is, filled with all that big meat. And because Ricky is the kind of man who likes the scent of his own musky ass on another man’s cock, there’s some hot ATM (ass-to-mouth) before a bit more fucking. Bear eventually shoots a load all over Ricky’s face, giving him an explosive, juicy cum facial before Ricky fires off a load of his own with Bear’s cock in his mouth, milking him for every last drop!

Tate Taylor, Rock Hunter, Steve Sommers, and Skott Locke – Part 1

In a Provincetown motel room, Steve Sommers was riding Rock Hunter’s cock when Tate Taylor and Skott Locke suddenly barged into the room. Sometimes, these things just happen and both, Steve and Rock take it all in stride. Next thing you know all four men are in bed together, with Rock and Tate sucking cock and lapping up sweat while Steve and Skott kiss passionately. What follows is a piggy free for all with beefy, inked and pierced men and enough greedy cock sucking, rimming and butt fucking to get you all hot and bothered! This hairy foursome will take you to the edge, especially as Steve is skewered and spit roasted. But wait until you see part 2 of this steamy bareback quad!

Bear Steven and Ricky Rick, Part 1

Ever take a whiff of leather, ride a motorcycle, or sniff a man’s pits and get a hard-on? Well, that’s exactly what happens with motorcycle enthusiasts Bear Steven and Ricky Rick. Bear is the hog-riding daddy, bald and bearded, with a big dick, while Ricky is the harnessed cock hungry pig. In part 1 of a 2-part scene, Bear and Ricky get into some mutual dick sucking. Their slurping is loud and noisy but not nearly as noisy as they’re about to get! Bear is down to fuck — isn’t he always? — and Ricky needs to be tapped…D-E-E-P! So Bear bends Ricky over his bike, rims his hairy ass and slides that big cock home. We get a preview of them fucking but just wait until you seem them in part 2!