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Sling Gang Bang Part 2

In part 2 of this steamy, sweaty quad of bareback fuckers, Bearsilien walks in on the action between Amir Badri, Mathieu Angel, Tristan Riant, and Yuan Duval, making it a 5-man orgy! Pierced, inked, and wearing a jockstrap and harness, Bearsilien takes his turn at fucking the cock whore in the red sling while Mathieu and Yuan take turns sucking each other from nearby. But things are about to heat up even more. Setting up a second sling, this time it’s Tristan fucking Yuan with that incredibly fat, uncut cock while Bearsilien and Amir eat out Mathieu, who gets pumped full of raw meat by Bearsilien and his Prince Albert piercing. What follows is nothing short of pure lust, man whores whose only goal is to get off and blow some seed…preferably in someone’s asshole. Amir, being the pure pig that he is, cleans off Bearsilien’s cock after fucking his boyfriend, then slides into Mathieu using Bearsilien’s load as lube! Stay tuned for part three!

Bryan Knight Solo

For those of you who like your men tall, dark, and handsome, Bryan Knight might not be your cup of tea. However, if you like 'em tall, handsome and Nordic, feast your eyes on this hairy, bearded hunk of a man with sleepy, bedroom eyes and a voice with enough growl to make your chest vibrate from the rumble, your cock rise with desire, and your hole quiver with, you guessed it, anticipation! You can easily imagine the sexy beast with slightly longer hair, perhaps dressed as Thor? Oh, wait. That's OUR fantasy! Now the question is, will Bryan top you or will he let you top him? We'll never know for sure but something tells us with the way he goes after cock, stroking and practically making love to the camera (frankly, we were surprised it didn't fog up!) we have a feeling this blond stud prefers to top YOUR hungry holes. And who knows? If you ask nicely, maybe he'd consider dressing up as Thor!

The Pigs Say Oink – Part 1

Trent Turner is in the mood to get his hole worked out. Naked except for his boots, the bearded fetish pig works a double-headed dildo up his ass while stroking his cock and tweaking his nipples. When Steve Sommers comes along, Trent asks him for a bit of assistance. Steve immediately starts sucking Trent then offers up his own fat dick for Trent to service. Soon the harnessed otter is throwing Trent’s legs up in the air and eating his hairy ass, fingering the hole and getting him primed for more than just a dildo. After all, when you have the real thing, what’s the point of resorting to toys? It doesn’t take long for Steve to get Trent so worked up that he can slide his raw cock balls deep inside the bareback bottom pig. Steve really gets into pounding Trent and you’re going to love the dirty talk between them, almost as much as Trent enjoys getting fucked by Steve, Stay tuned, though. More to cum in part two!

Sling Gang Bang Part 1

As long warm days give way to long cold nights, it seems the only way to keep warm is with a lot of bareback fucking with a bunch of beefy, hairy men. that’s certainly the case with bearded sex freaks, Yuan Duval, Amir Badri, Mathieu Angel, and Tristan Riant. Each seeks something different but in the end it’s all the same because it’s all about letting go and giving way to the animal lust that sometimes comes with an approaching winter. Cock hungry Amir Badri is in a sling, legs up, hole exposed as Tristan approaches with his incredibly thick piece of meat. And there’s no preliminaries, as none are needed. They’re all there to get off and there’s no need for unnecessary chit chat. Tristan feeds Amir his fat uncut cock, fucking his face, then his hole, before Amir’s boyfriend shows up. Mathieu soon takes over and what follows is a deep pounding, with Amir taking Mathieu’s raw cock balls deep as the others look on in part 1 of 3, sure to make your blood simmer!