Monthly Archives: January 2016

Lanz Adams and Randy Taintmoore

Lanz Adams is a big boy. Big nipples. Big cock. Big balls. And the best part of all? The bearded hipster is handsome as fuck! The beefy top is soon hard and stripped down, waiting for tattooed otter Randy Taintmoore, who devours Lanz’ cock. The jockstrap clad, bearded and inked bottom soon offers up his sexy white ass for Lanz to take. And Lanz does! First with his tongue, getting that hungry hole all sloppy, stopping to finger fuck the cock hungry whore and stretching him out. When Lanz is done prepping Randy, he slides that meaty slab of uncut meat home and pounds Randy into bareback nirvana!

Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 2

As Christophe Arsenault was getting bareback fucked up the ass by Steve Sommers in the dungeon, Bear Steven walked in at the tail end of part one. Now, in part two, we get to watch the hung leather daddy fuck the inked, bearded power bottom. The two man whores take turns spit roasting and tag team fucking the cock hungry hipster pig and even get to play piggy in the middle when Steve fucks Christophe and is fucked by Bear! But in the end, this is about getting off, as it always is…ALL over an eager cum slut!

Stuffing Phil Mehup

Whoever said two’s company but three’s a crowd, obviously never saw Claudio White, Phil Mehup and newcummer Leo having sex! Phil is a big sex hound with a HUGE appetite for cock and always ready to get fucked. Then again, Claudio isn’t far behind. The sex slave pup has been well trained in giving up his ass to any man who wants it, but also in satisfying the hungry hole of any cock pig who needs it. The men are in perpetual motion in their quest to get off. You might lose track of who’s doing what to whom in this scene with three amazingly horny hairy bareback fuckers but you’ll never lose sight of who’s in the middle, spit roasted and tag team fucked until he’s rewarded with a couple of loads of freshly churned ball juice. After all, his name isn’t Phil Mehup for nothing!

Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 1

Back in the dungeon, Steve Sommers is exploiting his new role as Top Dad. This time he’s paired with Christophe Arsenault, a bearded hipster with tattoos that tell one hell of a story. And he’s a HUGE cockwhore! Steve slides his big dick in Christophe’s hungry hole and fucks the pig bareback while in a sling. In the middle of their fuck fest, Bear Steven walks in on the fun, offering Christophe another big dick. This time for his hungry, willing throat! Stay tuned for part 2 of this raw menage with three very horny sluts!