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Chuck Collier and Ethan Palmer

Gruff and hairy dad Chuck Collier is busy playing with himself in his room at Fort Lauderdale's Inn Leather, when bearded and tattooed otter Ethan Palmer shows up. The two start making out immediately, with Ethan soon traveling south to Chuck’s nipples. And he’s there a good long while, too! Bending over, he soon gets a taste of what he wants up his ass…thick, raw daddy cock! Chuck manhandles Ethan, chewing his nipples, licking his armpits, and playing with his ass, getting him all worked for more dick. Ethan is soon on his knees, devouring Daddy’s meat like a good cocksucker. Chuck returns the favor but quickly proceeds to burying his face in Ethan’s eager and hungry ass. Chuck licks, tongues and rims that hole like he’s working a succulent piece of filet before burying that fat cock balls deep inside Ethan and bareback fucking the hell out of him. Ethan enjoys his own ass juices when he sucks Chuck’s cock after getting his hole stretched then straddles Daddy and rides him until he’s ready to pop his load. And it’s a big one! Big and thick and copious and it goes all over Chuck’s face.

Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott and Renzo Marquez – Part 2

After a tag team spit roasting from Gunner Scott and Renzo Marques in part 1 of a hardcore bareback scene, in part 2, Lanz Adams pounds the hell out of Renzo, giving the cock slut exactly what his hairy ass needs. But when Gunner comes back out after taking a piss, Lanz is back in the middle, mouth stuffed full of cock, hole full of tongue. Gunner fucks his face and throat while Renzo rims his ass, prepping Lanz for Gunner's fat dick. When Lanz has taken as much cock as he can take, including Gunner's load, Renzo sucks the jizz from the freshly fucked asshole. Still hungry for more dick, Lanz rides Renzo's long, fat cock while his own swing round and round. The tag teaming spit roasting trio continues with Lanz milking Renzo's shaft, pumping the cum out of him and seeding his own asshole with the hot Latin seed. The cum gluttony continues with each man eventually spewing fresh pumped loads meant to be devoured!

Dalton Hawg and Bo Bangor

We featured Dalton Hawg and Bo Bangor on Hairy&Raw several years ago and now they’re back. But guess what? These bareback bad boys are bigger, harder, and hornier than ever! Filmed on location at Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, Dalton and Bo are decked out in leather, sporting hot tattoos and piercings. Dalton sports a sexy beard that makes us think of Santa Claus and want to sit on his lap! Alas, it’s Bo who gets that privilege but not before they get into some armpit sniffing and licking as well as spitting! Bo chokes down on Dalton’s fat hawg before giving up his hungry manhole for a rimjob and balls deep bangin’ using nothing but spit for lube. These men are raw sex pigs to the core!

Lanz Adams, Gunner Scott and Renzo Marquez – Part 1

Everyone's favorite thick hung sexy fucker is back. That's right, Gunner Scott is on-screen again! This time, he's paired up with beefy, hairy tattooed Latino Renzo Marquez and bearded hipster Lanz Adams. Renzo proves to be quite the cocksucker as he devours Gunner's thick cock down to the balls. He can even take a good skull fucking! The one thing he truly excels at, though, is getting fucked. Spit-roasted between Gunner and Lanz, Renzo is tag team fucked by the hung bareback fuckers. But don't let his ability to handle cock fool you. He can give it as well as he receives, showing us all as he ends up fucking Lanz while the hipster devours Gunner's fat meat. Gunner lets Renzo take charge of Lanz' hole but when he wants in, Gunner all but pushes Renzo aside and shoves his cock inside in part 1 of this furry bareback threesome! Stayed tuned for part 2, coming up soon!

Russ Rodgers and Phill Daniels

Gruff and scruffy Russ Rodgers is horny. The bearded salt and pepper daddy strokes a fat dick while playing with his nipples. Enjoying some along time, jockstrap clad Russ starts working his balls while stroking when his “boy” Phil Daniels walks in, sexy in his blue jockstrap. He immediately goes down on Russ, the way a good cocksucker should, tasting that sweet nectar that is Daddy’s pre-cum. The cock and ball worship continues, with Russ guiding Phil and filling the quiet room with some dirty talk. Wanting more, however, Russ soon gets Phil on all fours and rims his meaty ass. With a lot of spit and a bit of lube, Daddy slides that fat raw dick home and pounds Phil’s ass until he blows his load all over his cub’s balls and ass, seeding Phil’s freshly fucked hole and leaving him with a cummy ass.