Monthly Archives: June 2016

Jef Heart and Colt Cox

Real-life boyfriends Jef Heart and Colt Cox haven’t been seeing each other long but the laid-back and casual guys have always fantasized about doing porn. Thankfully, they contacted us! The adorable hairy couple, start off making out then Colt pulls out Jef’s fat dick. The bearded otter turns into quite the cock hound, sucking and devouring that sweet meat. Jef rims Colt’s hungry ass a bit before Colt sucks him a bit more, slicking his throbbing shaft with even more spit. Then, using only that same spit for lube, Jef slides home, fucking his boyfriend bareback. The harder Jef pounds Colt, the harder he wants it. Jef pumps away, thrusting in and out of his whorish boyfriend. Jef gets a good rhythm going before pulling out to feed the load to Colt, who then turns around and feeds Jef a load of his own, one the two piggies share in a sticky wet kiss.

Vinnie Stefano, Alex Mason and Ray Diesel – Part 1

Bearded, hairy muscle daddy Vinnie Stefano is busy making out with boytoy Alex Mason. The two waste little time in getting down to business with Vinnie offering up his big fat cock for Alex to devour. Vinnie returns the favor but he’s not there to suck cock. That’s what Alex is there for. Well, that and to give up his sweet hole to the thick hung bareback top! Vinnie makes a meal out of that hungry asshole, priming the bottom cock whore for a balls deep fuck. When Alex is properly spit-lubed, Vinnie slides that thick slab of meat home, making Alex grunt and groan then moan like a bitch in heat with each and every thrust. Using Alex’s own jockstrap against him, Vinnie grabs hold and pounds away at the bareback bottom. It’s a long fuck, one that will leave you wondering just much cock Alex can handle. But you won’t have to wonder for long. After pulling out for some ass-to-mouth cocksucking, Alex gets back on all fours only to be slammed again by daddy Vinnie. Then Ray Diesel walks to offer Alex his big black cock. After all, what’s the good of having a free hole when you can put it to good use? Now Alex is spit roasted between two very big dicks and the pig is loving the way the two men are using him. Stay tuned for part two!

Ethan Palmer, Victor Cody, and Justin Case – Part 2

The sleazy bareback action continues at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, with fuck buddies Ethan Palmer and Justin Case. And speaking of which, just in case you’re just now joining us, Ethan was spit roasted and tagteam fucked by daddy/son duo Victor and Jusin in part 1. Ethan, who truly enjoys being skewered, in part 2 now gets his holes well and truly used and stretched out. He’s stuffed full of big cock and royally plowed bareback by Justin and Victor, who keep trading back and forth. The fuck is rough and hard and fast and furious. In fact, they fuck so hard and rough we thought the fuck bench was going to collapse! But that work horse held, and so did Ethan, whose screams filled the room, used and fucked stoopid!

Lanz Adams and Daemon Sadi

At Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, Lanz Adams and Daemon Sadi are making out. Clad in his leather harness and inked, bearded sexy hipster bear Lanz is all about getting Daemon down on his nipples and chewing the fuck out of them. However, the action soon turns to some very serious cock sucking as they each try to take the other down to the balls, fucking face and fucking throat. Adam soon gets Daemon on his belly on the sling, ass out so he can rim that hungry hole deep. With nothing but spit and sweat for lube, Adam then slides his fat cock in Daemon’s sweet black ass, fucking the dog bareback before pulling out for a bit of ass-to-mouth. Daemon is all too eager to add his spit to the slick mix before giving up his hole once more for Lanz to ride. With the heavy-duty pounding it’s a wonder Daemon could walk the next guy but we can see why he popped the load that he did!

Ethan Palmer, Victor Cody, and Justin Case – Part 1

Ethan Palmer and Justin Case are occasional fuck buddies. The tattooed, bearded hunks also share several fantasies between them. Some are fairly light and quite vanilla but some are dark and twisted, bordering on the taboo. That’s where Victor Cody comes in. The bearded silver daddy is Justin’s friend and when Justin told Victor Ethan wanted to be tag teamed and spit roasted by a daddy/son duo, Victor readily agreed. Ethan shows off his cock sucking skills, first devouring one, then the other, then both. Each hung top has his way with Ethan’s throat, skull fucking the greedy man whore until Ethan either can’t take it anymore, can’t breath, or needs more. Justin takes over for a while, sucking his fuck buddy and “daddy” as well before he and Victor spit roast and tag team Ethan, rimming and fingering that sweet hole and prepping his tight ass for a good raw fuck!