Monthly Archives: March 2017

Jay Ricci and Bruce Bacch

At Inn Leather in Fort Lauderdale, where there’s a sling in every room, the sexual denizens are still horny and in need of getting off. Tattooed Italian daddy Jay Ricci, decked out in a leather harness, follows Bruce Bacch into his room and the two immediately get down to business. Kissing is definitely in order but what Jay wants is a place to bury that huge, curved cock of his. First Jay buries it in Bruce’s mouth, balls deep, making him work for some ball juice before teasing Bruce’s ass and roughly fingering his hungry hole. When Jay’s ready, he gets Bruce in the sling, face down, ass up. He dives, burying his face in Bruce’s hairy ass, eating him out like a straight man eats pussy. Bruce is in heaven and becomes euphoric when Jay slides that big raw cock up his ass, pounding away and fucking him bareback. Jay goes D-E-E-P, deeper in fact than Bruce has taken in a while but he endures like the true bareback whore that he is, even as Jay uses his own harness — and the sling — for leverage, pulling Bruce close while simultaneously shoving his cock inside Bruce. Jay takes his sweet time pumping and thrusting, taking full ownership of Bruce’s hungry hole. Jay fucks the cum out of Bruce before spraying his seed all over the freshly fucked hairy ass then fucks it his jizz inside the greedy load collector.

Bryan Knight and Mickey Carpathio

If opposites turn you on, you’re going to love Bryan Knight and Mickey Carpathio. Bryan is tall, big and meaty, while Mickey is small and hairy but equally hung. The two are good friends and occasional fuck buddies and they know how to push buttons. They get nasty and piggy, trying to outdo each other as they make out, spit on each other, then rim and suck big dick. We’re talking trash, here. Dirty talking gutter sex trash that’ll have you boiling as Bryan flips Mickey onto his back and licks and sucks the otter’s toes while fucking him bareback. But every dog has his day and Mickey has a go at riding Bryan’s hot hairy ass, fucking him with his big dick before Bryan takes control once more and stretches Mickey’s rosebud open, using his eager wet tongue, thick probing fingers and big fat juicy cock. The sex pigs build to an explosive creamy finish as they get louder, piggier, and frankly forget we were even in the room watching them fuck!

Marc Angelo and Cooper Roads

While weekend guest Cooper Roads gets settled, tattooed muscle bear daddy Marc Angelo cleans house, clad only in his jockstrap. Cooper, who had very little to put away — after all, how much can you really travel with for a weekend jaunt? — strolls into the kitchen where he’s captivated by Marc’s big, round and meaty ass. The bearded hunk is soon making out the pale skinned blond. Cooper shows off his oral skills on Marc’s pierced cock and the tattooed daddy returns the favor before spinning Cooper around and bending him over the kitchen counter. There, Marc goes to town all over Cooper’s hungry ass, rimming and eating and tasting the lip-smacking morsel before lubing up and sliding his cock in raw. Marc bareback fucks Cooper deep and long, pounding away and using Cooper’s ass the way he likes getting fucked. Marc breeds and seeds Cooper full of spunk and literally fucks the cum out of Cooper, who sprays his load all over the floor. Now Marc is going to have to clean all over again!

Owen Powers and Daxton Ryker

On a gorgeous day in sunny Fort Lauderdale, Owen Powers is super horny while at Inn Leather. Lucky for him beefy muscle hunk Daxton Ryker is there, just as horned and ready for action. The beefy bruiser doesn't hesitate approaching bearded hairy Owen, who strokes a big fat long cock. He's soon chowing down on Daxton's cock, pleasing the muscled hunk whose smooth tattooed body looks amazing in a black jockstrap. Now, there are those who will tell you that the bigger the guy or the bigger the cock, the more on top he is. We beg to differ, especially when it comes to hung bareback bottoms like Owen who know exactly what they want and are aggressive about getting that cock, giving orders, and having that itch scratched that can only be satisfied by a fat, raw cock on a muscle hunk, pounding away at your hole. Owen gets bossy, telling Daxton what he wants and Dax, good man that he is, gives Owen exactly what he needs and want…a blowjob, a good rimjob and a bareback fuck that delivers a splattering of seed all over Owen's hungry, loose and sloppy, hairy and raw ass. Daxton slides home after spraying his jizz, seeding the bottom cum whore who blows a load of his own.

Eric Schwanz and Jean Paul

It’s enticing to watch guys making out while dressed. Perhaps it’s their growing passion that makes it exciting. Or perhaps it’s waiting for the reveal as they slowly undress and get naked. Whatever the reason, we were boned when Eric Schwanz and Jean Paul started making out with some slurpy kissing. When they removed their tops, they got even noisier and wetter as they continued making out and chewing each others nipples. Things got really steamy when they worked each others jeans, unbuttoning, unzipping, and pulling out fat cocks. Bearded and shaved bald, Jean Paul went down like a greedy cub, feeding on Eric’s thick, juicy tool. Eric returned the favor while fingering the big slut’s hole, then flipped him on all fours and ate out that big hairy ass. Clad in a jockstrap, Jean Paul’s ass was just too sexy to resist. Eric dove right in, rimming and spit-lubing the hungry pink fuckhole before spreading it open with his fingers. Jean Paul begs to be finger fucked and Eric happily obliges the pleading bottom, stretching him open before sliding his fat raw cock inside and topping Jean Paul. Eric fucks hard and deep, taking the bareback whore to the edge, at times using Jean Paul’s harness to keep him in place, where he belongs, ass up in the air for a thick hung bareback top to use.