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Dick Savvy and Hans Berlin

In a dungeon playspace, decked out in leather, Dick Savvy and Hans Berlin get rough while making out in a display for dominance. Bearded, younger Hans sports a big cock and Dick is just as massive, especially with his Prince Albert piercing! They soon turn their attention to the others throbbing meat. Dick is the first to drop to his knees, taking Hans and sucking him even as Hans fucks his face and throat. The two trade blowjobs, getting more aggressive with their roughhousing. Hans then bends Dick over a fuck bench, spanks his ass and spits on his hole before priming him with a good tongue fucking before the main event. Once tattooed Dick is ready, Hans slides his long and thick uncut tool inside and pounds away. Hans is slow at first but once he's in, he bareback fucks Dick rough and hard, fast and furious. At times Hans is even brutal but the harder he fucks Dick, the more he wants it…until he spews, pumping out a thick, copious amount of jizz, breeding Dick with his seed before Dick cleans him off with some ass-to-mouth cock sucking and blowing a load of his own.

Sam Steinhaus and Chris Wydeman

In another hotel room, on a different floor, Sam Steinhaus and Chris Wydeman are making out. Decked out in cruising leather and denim, the hairy horny bastards take turns chewing and teasing nipples after making out. Bearded and tattooed Chris drops to his knees and when he releases Sam’s fat cock from within the confines of his leather jockstrap, Chris has no choice but to open his mouth wide and start sucking the thick slab of meat. Sam, who's hairy all over, swallows Chris whole, making him moan. Leaving plenty of spit on Chris's cock, or already pre-lubed, we don't know which, bearded butch Sam presents his ass for Chris to take. The bald, still-capped Chris slides in with one fell swoop and bareback fucks Sam's hungry hole. After a while, Chris gives up his own ass and takes quite a pounding from Sam and his big fat tool. The two continue flip fucking, further stretching out and stuffing their hairy holes. Chris blows his jizz all over Sam’s puffy ass lips, seeding the hairy fucker before sampling Sam's copious load.

Sean Blackwell and Colin O Brien

In a public men’s restroom of their local leather bar, Sean Blackwell and Colin O’Brien have locked the door so no one can interrupt their session. Each is clad in a leather harness and their favorite jockstraps. They waste little time in getting nasty, with Sean sucking Colin’s big dick. Bearded Colin, who turned out to be much more forceful than we’d imagined, gets Sean up against the wall, buries his face in Sean’s ass, and goes to town getting him wet and primed full of spit. Colin shoves a finger up Sean’s ass, stretching the bearded blond daddy. And then Colin shoves his raw cock balls deep inside Sean. His grunts and moans echo in the tiny men’s room as Colin pounds him bareback and you can just imagine how it smell with the two of them getting all sweaty. After a while, because people needed to use the restroom, Sean and Colin took the action to a more secluded corner of the bar where they continued fucking edging until they couldn’t hold back any longer and pumped out big loads of jizz.

Hoytt Walker and Josh Blaze

Imagine walking down a hotel corridor. All those rooms. All those doors. What if every occupant was having sex at the exact same time? Can you imagine how horny that would make you? You’d want to peak inside. You’d want to watch, wouldn’t you? That’s how we were with Hoytt Walker and Josh Blaze. Lucky for us daddy/son leather fetish duo invited us into their room. Inked boy Hoytt, wearing his leather harness, has nipples chewed by beefy daddy Josh. After making out the two get down to the true business of servicing cock and satisfying animal needs. Daddy Josh and tattooed Hoytt take turns devouring dick, showing off mad oral skills. Josh especially loves fucking Hoytt’s throat but soon gets turned around to get his ass eaten. Hoytt rims that beefy ass, spitting and licking and tongue fucking Josh who rapidly becomes submissive to Hoytt’s growing desire to top. Next thing you know, Daddy becomes boy and boy becomes Daddy as slender Hoytt slides that big cock inside Josh’s hole to bareback fuck his beefy ass. Josh enjoys the way Hoytt slam’s his ass but don’t think for a minute he’s going to stay fucked. Josh flips the tables and eats out Hoytt’s hole, priming then bareback fucking his sweet ass.