Monthly Archives: August 2017

Eric Hassan and Alex Hawk

Eric Hassan and Alex Hawk had been trying to hook up for several months. When we put the call out for hairy pigs who liked to fuck bareback, both answered. Little did they know we were about to pair them up! And so, after filming a 3-way — and still wearing the scent of the two men who fucked him and came inside him — Alex moved to another dungeon room where bearded Eric lied in wait. Alex immediately dropped to his knees and set about kissing the hairy hunk, chewing on his nipples and licking his way down Eric's inviting treasure trail. Alex takes his sweet time, savoring practically every inch of Eric's hairy body before burying his face in the man's crotch. He then pulls out Eric's cock and devours it down to the balls. And speaking of balls, Alex knows Eric's are heavy and full of seed meant just for him. Sperm hounds can sniff out the protein they most crave, you know. No part of the body is left out — not even toes or feet — as Eric and Alex explore each other in a sensual fashion that borders on the romantic. Eric works Alex, priming him to take on that enormous man meat. But Alex is built small and it takes a while to work all that thick cock inside. But Eric eventually manages to slide the entire length inside Alex, bareback fucking the otter and sending him into orbit before delivering a H-U-G-E load of jizz.

Aiden Storm and Nick Hole

Aiden Storm is a strapping mountain of a man. Hairy in all the right places, the bearded tattooed fetish lover has a big cock meant for eager, submissives like bearded Nick Hole. The cock hungry man whore, tied to a St. Andrew's cross, is kissed, sucked, spit on and generally manhandled by Aiden. Knowing Nick is into man scents Aiden rubs his armpit in Nick's face so he can get a good whiff and lick to his hearts content. Aiden then makes full use of the hairy little whore, sucking his fat, uncut dick, spitting into his mouth and rimming that pert, hairy ass before getting him on the sling and fucking him raw. Aiden takes Nick, letting loose with a stream of trash talk that’s bound to make your cock twitch as he bareback fucks his willing bottom, turning Nick into his little bitch.

John Lock and Donte Oxun

If you're into cocksucking of the deepest, choking kind, you're going to love the way Jock Lock and Donte Oxun take turns on each other. Bordering on breath control, the two gag and suck, getting their faces fucked as they swing on big fat throbbing cock. Back and forth they go, with bearded Donte wearing a sexy jockstrap that perfectly frames his beautiful brown ass, and shaved bald, tattooed John, decked out in leather. We're talking major dick sucking and throat fucking! In fact, at one point, Donte grabs hold of John's head, skull fucking the bearded hairy fucker. You can practically see John's cock throb! They move on to tasty, mouth watering rimming, with Donte tongue fucking and priming John's meaty ass. Donte takes his time devouring that tiny puckered morsel before finger fucking the hole to further stretch him out. Then Donte slides his fat dick balls deep inside. John, on all fours, pushes his ass out for the raw onslaught. Donte bareback fucks John, riding his hot ass before treating him to a taste of his own juices in a sloppy 69. And then they flip. John fucks harder and deeper, pounding away at that sweet brown ass until he blows a huge load all over Donte's ass, seeding him with that creamy DNA. John continues, fucking the jizz out of Donte then swabsg one of the spurts with his tongue, savoring the flavor with Donte.

Rusty McMann, Aiden Storm and Alex Hawk

Rusty McMann and Aiden Storm are occasional fuck buddies and from time to time like to get into some daddy/son roleplay. But what they like even more is sharing a submissive "boy" who likes to be told what to do. It's probably why Alex Hawk, his hot and hairy ass framed nicely in a jockstrap, works so well between Rusty and Aiden! In a local dungeon, goateed salt and pepper Rusty and tattooed bearded Aiden put Alex through his paces as they take turns feeding him cock, fucking his face and rimming his hungry hole. And the hairy little otter LOVES it, especially when he’s spit roasted and tag team fucked, with Rusty and Aiden taking turns bareback fucking the little slut until Alex gets what he wants, needs and lives for…a gut deep breeding!

Dante Kirkdale and Eric Schwanz

In a dungeon playroom at a Chicago bar, you can feel sexual tension in the dark, dank air. Perhaps it's from all the men who've gotten off there in the past, or perhaps they're just really fucking horny. Either way, Dante Kirkdale and Eric Schwanz get all hot and bothered, making out in front of our cameras. Their passion increases as they strip down, getting in touch with a primal instinct. Wearing a black and white leather harness, bald bearded daddy Dante drops to his knees to service Eric's fat cock. Eric returns the favor but, hungry for some ass, he soon spins Dante around and rims Dante's meaty ass. As it turns out, two can play at that game. Dante bends Eric over the same fuck bench to eat out his sweet ass, tongue fucking Eric while Eric jerks himself off. Eric mounts Dante, bareback fucking his hot daddy ass like a pig in heat, pumping and thrusting and stretching that hole out. Hairy Dante eggs Eric on with some dirty talk, commanding him to "fuck that hole" and that's exactly what Eric does. Harder. Deeper. Giving Dante exactly what he wants, a balls deep bareback fuck, Eric's fat cock throbs from the metal cockring and that tight hungry daddy hole. The two fuck bent over the bench, then flip so Dante is on his back, clutching Eric's harness and pulling him closer. They even get nasty on that dirty floor where goodness knows how may hundreds, if not thousands, of loads have been spilt. When they can't hold back any longer, they let loose, crying out like wounded animals as they spray their seed…bearded Dante all over Eric's face — and it's a big load! — and Eric all over his own belly.