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Tate Taylor Solo

To say 2016 was difficult is the understatement of the century. So what better way is there kiss the year goodbye than with a fuck-you jerk off session? Hairy bearded and tattooed chub bear Tate Taylor is ready to let it all go. Horny and ready to release pent-up aggression, Tate strips down, teasing, and plays with himself, jerking off while thinking of the hottest men he's had sex with until he lets loose with lip-smacking globs of cum. So long, 2016. Here's looking to another batch of hot men and plenty of fucking in 2017!

Hairy and Raw – A Sweaty Cumpilation

As we get closer to ending the year, we thought back to some of the previous scenes we’ve filmed and featured on Hairy and Raw. Turns out Amir Badri had been doing the same, which only got him horny. All he could think of after was shoving his raw cock in a hairy hole. He wanted hole and wanted it bad. What could a hairy muscle bear do except whip out his dick and jerk off? He was supposed to be training but since he couldn’t get his mind off sex, we filmed Amir in a secluded corner of the gym. There, the bearded muscle bear daddy beat off to his favorite scenes of hot and hairy men getting sweaty fucking bareback, working himself up into a frenzy, grooving on his own mansmell before blowing his load.

Bryan Knight Solo

For those of you who like your men tall, dark, and handsome, Bryan Knight might not be your cup of tea. However, if you like 'em tall, handsome and Nordic, feast your eyes on this hairy, bearded hunk of a man with sleepy, bedroom eyes and a voice with enough growl to make your chest vibrate from the rumble, your cock rise with desire, and your hole quiver with, you guessed it, anticipation! You can easily imagine the sexy beast with slightly longer hair, perhaps dressed as Thor? Oh, wait. That's OUR fantasy! Now the question is, will Bryan top you or will he let you top him? We'll never know for sure but something tells us with the way he goes after cock, stroking and practically making love to the camera (frankly, we were surprised it didn't fog up!) we have a feeling this blond stud prefers to top YOUR hungry holes. And who knows? If you ask nicely, maybe he'd consider dressing up as Thor!

Bear Waters Solo

Sometimes it's entirely too easy to get distracted at work, especially if you're horny, like Bear Waters. To make matters more interesting, he's even more distracted when he searches for his drill bits in the company storage room and finds a fleshjack. Who does it belong to? Who used it last? More importantly, what is it doing there in the first place? Deciding it doesn't matter, Bear forgets all about what he was originally looking for and the hairy, bearded foreman starts playing with his cock and pierced nipples. Adding lube to the mix, Bear works himself up, edging until the need to explode is too great. He lets loose with a terrific load before getting dressed again and getting back to work. Now what the hell was he looking for, again?

Steve Brody Solo

Steve Brody is on set to do some repairs. While on break, the construction worker finds himself all alone and knows that since he’s on his own time, there’s a different kind of repair he needs to take care of. Then again, jerking off isn’t exactly repairs. It’s more along the lines of routine maintenance when there’s no one with you to release the pressure. The humpy and hairy blue collar worker strips down while still utilizing his tool belt. He strokes his cock then teases his own hole, since there’s no one around to do it for him. Eventually, he pulls out the hammer and uses it to rub up against his ass, dreaming of a thick, long, hard cock. Steve strokes out a good one, blowing off some necessary steam before getting back to work. Break time is over. So? What are you going to do with YOUR break time?