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Aiden Storm and Sebastian Sax – Out of the Bag

Sebastian Sax is making good use of a brand new toy — fresh out of the bag — sucking down on that baby before throwing his legs up in the air to tease himself. He REALLY needs his hole stretched and pounded. But since there's nothing better than having another horny hunk working that dildo up his ass, Sebastian phones fuck buddy, Aiden Storm. Luckily, the thick hung hunk is in the same sex club, just in a different part of the building. When Aiden suggests Sebastian come over, the bearded, tattooed, toy-loving bottom is soon there. What follows is the hole stretching session Sebastian was hoping for, with Aiden working both, his cock AND the dildo down Sebastian's throat and raw hole, using the bareback slut the way Sebastian likes to be used.

Butch Spencer and Damien Kilauea

Hairy, aggressive fuckers Damien Kilauea and Butch Spencer are serious about getting off. The bearded sex freaks suck each other but the one that ends up in the sling is Damien. With the furry ass open, Butch gets to work rimming the hungry hole, priming Damien with spit for lube. Butch is soon sliding home, balls deep, penetrating Damien and fucking him bareback. But Damien is insatiable. He needs more. Butch pulls out a clear rubber dildo and shoves it up Damien's ass, fucking him with the toy. Eventually, Butch starts pounding the end of the dildo with his fist, which gets Damien close. Butch pushes Damien over the edge when he grabs hold of that toy and really starts thrusting that puppy in and out of Damien's hairy ass.

Aiden Storm and Nick Hole

Aiden Storm is a strapping mountain of a man. Hairy in all the right places, the bearded tattooed fetish lover has a big cock meant for eager, submissives like bearded Nick Hole. The cock hungry man whore, tied to a St. Andrew's cross, is kissed, sucked, spit on and generally manhandled by Aiden. Knowing Nick is into man scents Aiden rubs his armpit in Nick's face so he can get a good whiff and lick to his hearts content. Aiden then makes full use of the hairy little whore, sucking his fat, uncut dick, spitting into his mouth and rimming that pert, hairy ass before getting him on the sling and fucking him raw. Aiden takes Nick, letting loose with a stream of trash talk that’s bound to make your cock twitch as he bareback fucks his willing bottom, turning Nick into his little bitch.

Matthieu Angel, Amir Badri, and Marcus Isaacs – Part 2

Hairy hunk Marcus Isaacs watches from the sideline while beefy Amir Badri gives his real-life partner, Matthieu Angel, an intense blowjob. He patiently waits his turn as Matthieu then bends Amir over and plow his big fat juicy cock up his ass and fucks him bareback. After a good heavy duty pounding, however, Amir is still in the mood to fuck so he heads over to Marcus who has been stroking and playing with his hole off camera. Amir slides home, giving him a good raw fuck until he blows his load, seeding the hairy hungry ass in the sling. Marcus, who needs more, gets his hole even further stretched out with a big black toy, which pushes him over the edge to blow his own load.

Dirty Dungeon Deeds Part I

Decked out in a leather harness and yellow jockstrap, rough indie cub Bearsilien is super horny in his dungeon. Then again, when isn’t he? Horny, that is. Now, normally, the sexy, hairy beast has no trouble flying solo but this time he’s so horny he just can’t go it alone. So he beckons for his two pup cubs. Enter Frank Cubby and Claudio White. The scruffy young men have been trained well as they worship Bearsilien like eager pups. Claudio chews the leather Daddy’s pierced nipple while Frank services his pierced cock. All of a sudden, the trained pups turn the tables on their Master! Frank and Claudio tie up Bearsilien and use him as a human dildo, for their own dirty dungeon deeds. Claudio helps himself to a Bearsilien’s cock, impaling himself then sucking him off as he shows off all the lovely nasty things he’s learned from Bearsilien. Be sure to cum back for part 2!