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Chuck Collier and Ethan Palmer

Gruff and hairy dad Chuck Collier is busy playing with himself in his room at Fort Lauderdale's Inn Leather, when bearded and tattooed otter Ethan Palmer shows up. The two start making out immediately, with Ethan soon traveling south to Chuck’s nipples. And he’s there a good long while, too! Bending over, he soon gets a taste of what he wants up his ass…thick, raw daddy cock! Chuck manhandles Ethan, chewing his nipples, licking his armpits, and playing with his ass, getting him all worked for more dick. Ethan is soon on his knees, devouring Daddy’s meat like a good cocksucker. Chuck returns the favor but quickly proceeds to burying his face in Ethan’s eager and hungry ass. Chuck licks, tongues and rims that hole like he’s working a succulent piece of filet before burying that fat cock balls deep inside Ethan and bareback fucking the hell out of him. Ethan enjoys his own ass juices when he sucks Chuck’s cock after getting his hole stretched then straddles Daddy and rides him until he’s ready to pop his load. And it’s a big one! Big and thick and copious and it goes all over Chuck’s face.

Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 2

As Christophe Arsenault was getting bareback fucked up the ass by Steve Sommers in the dungeon, Bear Steven walked in at the tail end of part one. Now, in part two, we get to watch the hung leather daddy fuck the inked, bearded power bottom. The two man whores take turns spit roasting and tag team fucking the cock hungry hipster pig and even get to play piggy in the middle when Steve fucks Christophe and is fucked by Bear! But in the end, this is about getting off, as it always is…ALL over an eager cum slut!

Daddy/Son Roleplaying, Bareback Flip Fuckers Christian Matthews and Rusty G

This week on Hairy&Raw we bring you lucky Christian Matthews, who got paired up with big, bad Rusty G. The daddy/son roleplaying, bareback flip fucking duo seize the moment, with Christian getting his raw dick deep into Rusty’s hairy hole. The two start with some sexy, rough kissing and groping on the couch before Rusty pulls down Christian’s prosh underwear to suck his dick. But Christian begs for big daddy to lick his hole. Rusty happily obliges, eating Christian’s ass like a juicy peach, fingering his hole as he goes. Next, it’s Christian’s turn to orally pleasure Rusty, and he’s like a fiend on Rusty’s thick meat! Sucking Rusty deep, Christian gets him hard and plays with his hairy hole. Before he knows it, his cock is spit-lubed and he rams his hard prick into Rusty’s slick, primed hole. Rusty loves the feeling of hard dick fucking his ass raw and he grabs at Christian’s bucking hips, trying to pull him in harder and deeper on every stroke. These guys totally forget about the camera and just fuck like animals, giving you nothing but an unforgettable scene!

Massive Andy Williams and Chase McCloud Get Sloppy, Raw and Nasty

Andy Williams and Chase McCloud were eager to shoot for us at Hairy&Raw. They’re a pair of big, big dudes who love bareback fucking and they couldn’t wait to heat up the sheets for the camera. They both get naked and grope each other’s massive bodies, getting their cocks hard for some sloppy and sensual oral affection. These guys may be amateurs, but they really know how to put on a show! Andy wants to get in that sweet ass of Chase’s and he lays back, with Chase on top, riding him reverse cowboy. These two hairy dudes suck, buck and fuck with Chase grinding down hard on Andy’s cock so he can feel every inch. Andy loves fucking Chase’s raw hole and is soon ready to bust his nut all over his thick younger partner. A true delight for those who love age play and big bodied men!

Rex Blue and Rusty G, Perfectly Matched Bareback Fuckers

Rex Blue is a total horndog and, despite his sweet exterior, he’s a walking vial of testosterone. It seems he’s always got a hard-on! And goodness knows he’ll fuck any man that stops in front of him longer than half a second. Rusty G, on the other hand, is a force of nature. Fucking him is not unlike conquering a mountaintop. From the looks of him, he might have easily off the set of Game of Thrones and we were very lucky to have him fall into our laps for this hot scene. Rex’s hard cock pumps Rusty’s big bubble butt and both of these guys end up sweating and grunting like animals. This is a great match-up of a pair who love bareback fucking and, don’t we just love it when hairy men fuck raw. Hairy and Raw, indeed!