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Teddy Torres and Rogue Status – Sling Play

Even from before we started filming, Teddy Torres and Rogue Status were super horned up. They wasted no time at all in stripping down and didn’t even bother with foreplay. No kissing. No sucking. No rimming. Instead, they went straight to anal, with hairy bearded young daddy Teddy taking Rogue’s raw cock up his hungry hole. In fact, we’re not sure — since he didn’t say — but we think Teddy might have taken a load or two before he got to us! Rogue used no lube at all and you can see some jizz oozing out of Teddy’s ass while Rogue fucks the hell out of him. They stop after a while and Teddy slobbers all over Rogue’s cock with some ass-to-mouth. With Rogue on the sling, on his back, Teddy climbs on top and lowers that hot meaty ass, taking every inch of Rogue’s dick. He goes for a nice hard ride before they flip and Teddy, who’s never satisfied just getting fucked bareback, slides his big fat uncut tool balls deep inside Rogue and goes to town using the tattooed and pierced bald otter. Teddy jerks off Rogue while pounding his ass, fucking the cum out of Rogue, who eats some of his own jizz before Teddy blows a huge load and seeds the freshly fucked otter.

Alex Mason and Sean Duran

In Fort Lauderdale, the bareback action never stops. At Inn Leather, where this scene with Alex Mason and Sean Duran was filmed, it’s a free-for-all of sucking and fucking. We managed to find a secluded corner of the property where scruffy Alex, in his trademark backwards baseball cap, immediately dropped to his knees to swallow Sean’s large cock. The tattooed muscle hunk plays with his own nipples as he watches Alex go to work but soon ends up on his knees as well, but to eat out Alex’s hungry hole. Sean digs deep, tongue fucking Alex and eating his ass out the way a straight man eats pussy. Sean then uses some of his own spit, as well as some of Alex’s pre-cum, as lube in order to penetrate past that first ring. You can hear the penetration, quickly followed by a gasp from Alex as Sean slides the entire length of his throbbing shaft balls deep inside the horny bareback power bottom. Alex takes quite the pounding, fucked silly by the thick-hung tattooed muscle hunk who stops long enough to suck Alex before bending him over once more and plowing the hell out of Alex. And Sean doesn’t stop until he’s fucked the cum out of Alex, seeding him shortly there after with his own DNA.

Chuck Collier and Alejandro Avila

While at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, fully packed bull stud Alejandro Avila patiently awaits for someone to come along. But looking the way he does — pierced and tattooed — standing at the doorway to his room dressed in his blue and orange jockstrap and boots, he doesn’t have long to wait. Hairy leather fetish daddy Chuck Collier appears, having entered from the back, after noting Alejandro’s magnificently meaty ass. The two are soon making out, with Alejandro dropping to his knees to service Daddy Chuck’s cock. And service he does! The tattooed hunk salivates all over Chuck’s meat, marinading it with his oral juices before fucking the daddy’s throat with his fat dick and making him gag. Then Alejandro gives up his ass. Watching Chuck eat his hole will leave your own hole twitching and anxious for someone to give you as good a rimjob as Chuck gives Alejandro. Hairy silver daddy Chuck proves himself to be quite the top as he not just fucks Alejandro. Chuck takes him, fully penetrating Alejandro, balls deep, and using it the way a hole should be fucked.

Alex Mason and Owen Powers

On a hot and sunny day, bareback sex freaks Alex Mason and Owen Powers are hung, horny and ready for action. Filmed entirely on location at Inn Leather, in Fort Lauderdale, the hairy piggies are outdoors, taking turns sucking each other. Bearded Owen then buries his face in Alex’s sweet hole, tongue fucking the pink bud and getting it ready for a good fuck. But then Owen presents his own ass to Alex for the boyish slut to eat. Alex clearly has a talented good tongue and knows how to use it because next thing you know, the one about to be fucked is Owen and not Alex, as we’d originally thought. But hey, doesn’t matter to us who gets fucked as long as a big dick goes in a tiny hole! Alex slides in nice and easy and bareback fucks Owen eager ass with the skill of a patient lover. But Owen doesn’t need skill. Or patience. What he needs is cock. Alex is all too happy to oblige, stuffing Owen raw until both let loose and drop their loads.

Eric Schwanz and Jake O Connor

Beefy powerhouse Eric Schwanz is paired up with big and burly Jake O’Connor. The tall bearded redhead is all over Eric, the two of them making out and feeling each other up as they strip down. Jake and Eric take turns blowing each other, with Eric paying particular attention to Jake’s big thick shaft, in a way that lets you know he’s in complete love with Jake’s cock! After trading blowjobs, they then rim each other, with Jake all but devouring Eric whole. Then he works that big fat fucker inside Eric and the shorter, beefier hunk goes wild. Jake bareback fucks Eric’s hungry hole, fucking the cum out of him before delivering a load of his own that practically takes out Eric’s eye!