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Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens

The inn leather of Fort Lauderdale, FL was the perfect setting for this hot scene between Ray Diesel and Matt Stevens. They didn't mind that a party was going on and people watched. Some hot kissing and cock sucking quickly turned into Ray's huge cock being sucked up by Matt's open hole. Watching those two fuck in the open air was very hot. They had a great chemistry which ended in two very messy cum shots. Enjoy!

Lanz Adams and Randy Taintmoore

Lanz Adams is a big boy. Big nipples. Big cock. Big balls. And the best part of all? The bearded hipster is handsome as fuck! The beefy top is soon hard and stripped down, waiting for tattooed otter Randy Taintmoore, who devours Lanz’ cock. The jockstrap clad, bearded and inked bottom soon offers up his sexy white ass for Lanz to take. And Lanz does! First with his tongue, getting that hungry hole all sloppy, stopping to finger fuck the cock hungry whore and stretching him out. When Lanz is done prepping Randy, he slides that meaty slab of uncut meat home and pounds Randy into bareback nirvana!

Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 2

As Christophe Arsenault was getting bareback fucked up the ass by Steve Sommers in the dungeon, Bear Steven walked in at the tail end of part one. Now, in part two, we get to watch the hung leather daddy fuck the inked, bearded power bottom. The two man whores take turns spit roasting and tag team fucking the cock hungry hipster pig and even get to play piggy in the middle when Steve fucks Christophe and is fucked by Bear! But in the end, this is about getting off, as it always is…ALL over an eager cum slut!

The Pigs Say Oink – Part 3

In part one of “The Pigs Say Oink, foul-mouthed Trent Turner got his hole worked over and stretched out by Steve Sommers. In part two, the action continued when Tristan Riant walked in for a piece of the action. Now, in part three, it…is…ON! Tristan, who rarely ever gets fucked, is bent over and royally screwed, banged, and plowed by Steve, stuffed full of cock from both ends. The nasty pigs get loud, sweat like…well, pigs…and make all manner of noises. They may not oink but each man in the threesome proved they are TRUE sex pigs. Enjoy, sluts. OINK!

Sling Gang Bang Part 3

In part 1 of this 3-part sling series, Admir Badri got fucked by Tristan and Mathie. In part 2, the lust was strong the men had to put up a second sling when Bearsilien walked in. With no waiting involved, Yuan got fucked by Tristan while Mathieu took on Amir and Bearsilien. Now, in this last installment, Amir, Mathieu, Tristan and Bearsilien get to witness first-hand what a cock slut Yuan truly is. Amir goes to town all over his furry ass, seeding Yuan while Bearsilien sucks off Mathieu nearby, prepping his cock for Yuan’s hole. Like with all good orgies, the group comes together in different forms, eventually focusing on Mathieu who blows an enormous load of jizz that’s sampled by all. Guess you can say these men really know how to share. Be sure to watch all the way to the end for some bonus, behind-the-scenes footage!