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Sebastian Sax and Alex Hawk

At a local playroom, Sebastian Sax and Alex Hawk make eye contact. Next thing you know they're making out and taking turns sucking cock. Bearded Sebastian, who normally has bottomed for us, flips and goes top to ride Alex's sweet hole. As it turns out, Sebastian is a VERY good top! Maybe it's because of all that dick he's sucked or maybe it's because he's taken so much raw cock. Whatever the reason, we're glad the tattooed, scruffy blond has unleashed his inner top because he takes otter Alex, decked out in a sexy leather harness, for the bareback fuck of his life, pounding the cum out of him before exploding with an enormous load of his own, all over Alex’s cock, balls, and furry belly!

Atlas Grant and Aiden Storm

Unlike the days gone by of pre-online cruising, modern day technology provides different opportunities for men to meet, hook-up and get it on. Like hairy muscled hunk Atlas Grant, on his phone, looking for a big bearded hung fucker like Aiden Storm. Aiden, who loves everything Atlas has in his profile, is just the tattooed bad boy to put Atlas in his place. On his knees, face fucking him with that fat dick, balls swaying back and forth to slap Atlas on the chin. Then bent over a sling, bareback fucking that sweet, tight ass and getting sweaty as they build towards climax, fucking rough and hard.

Alex Hawk and Dino DeFrancesco

There's something cheap and tawdry and highly erotic about being in a bathhouse. Perhaps it's all those men walking around half-naked, and sometimes just cock and balls out naked, hard throbbing shafts leading the way as they advertise what they have to offer. The sexual desire is so concentrated you can feel it and smell it. This is the type of energy sex pigs like Alex Hawk and Dino DeFrancesco feed off of when cruising the dark hallways. The two take turns sucking each other but they're there for one thing and one thing only…cock-in-hole. The sexually charged duo lose themselves, with Dino stretching Alex open with his fat, Italian cock and Alex just taking it, like a good bottom should. Now this is bareback fucking with no apologies!

Jon Shield and John Lock

If you're into beefy, hairy men with big, meaty cocks, you're about to hit the mother lode. Or in this case, the Daddy load! Tattooed and gruff Jon Shield and John Lock take turns choking and gagging on fat uncut meat, face fucking each other as they try to dominate to see who's going to top. But there's only one way this is going down. Bald bearded daddy John impales himself on Jon's fattie and goes to town, fucking himself like the biggest whore in town. Mouth watering cock sucking with slurpy ass eating and balls deep bareback fucking. There's even some smoking HOT ass to mouth, with John tasting his own fuck hole on Jon's cock as he gets his throat fucked and nearly gags on what he loves most. So…you ready to gorge yourself? Yeah, you know you are. Go ahead. Hit play. We dare ya not to drop your load halfway through the scene!

Dante Kirkdale and Eric Schwanz

In a dungeon playroom at a Chicago bar, you can feel sexual tension in the dark, dank air. Perhaps it's from all the men who've gotten off there in the past, or perhaps they're just really fucking horny. Either way, Dante Kirkdale and Eric Schwanz get all hot and bothered, making out in front of our cameras. Their passion increases as they strip down, getting in touch with a primal instinct. Wearing a black and white leather harness, bald bearded daddy Dante drops to his knees to service Eric's fat cock. Eric returns the favor but, hungry for some ass, he soon spins Dante around and rims Dante's meaty ass. As it turns out, two can play at that game. Dante bends Eric over the same fuck bench to eat out his sweet ass, tongue fucking Eric while Eric jerks himself off. Eric mounts Dante, bareback fucking his hot daddy ass like a pig in heat, pumping and thrusting and stretching that hole out. Hairy Dante eggs Eric on with some dirty talk, commanding him to "fuck that hole" and that's exactly what Eric does. Harder. Deeper. Giving Dante exactly what he wants, a balls deep bareback fuck, Eric's fat cock throbs from the metal cockring and that tight hungry daddy hole. The two fuck bent over the bench, then flip so Dante is on his back, clutching Eric's harness and pulling him closer. They even get nasty on that dirty floor where goodness knows how may hundreds, if not thousands, of loads have been spilt. When they can't hold back any longer, they let loose, crying out like wounded animals as they spray their seed…bearded Dante all over Eric's face — and it's a big load! — and Eric all over his own belly.