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Ass Pounding Arsenault Part 2

As Christophe Arsenault was getting bareback fucked up the ass by Steve Sommers in the dungeon, Bear Steven walked in at the tail end of part one. Now, in part two, we get to watch the hung leather daddy fuck the inked, bearded power bottom. The two man whores take turns spit roasting and tag team fucking the cock hungry hipster pig and even get to play piggy in the middle when Steve fucks Christophe and is fucked by Bear! But in the end, this is about getting off, as it always is…ALL over an eager cum slut!

Sling Gang Bang Part 3

In part 1 of this 3-part sling series, Admir Badri got fucked by Tristan and Mathie. In part 2, the lust was strong the men had to put up a second sling when Bearsilien walked in. With no waiting involved, Yuan got fucked by Tristan while Mathieu took on Amir and Bearsilien. Now, in this last installment, Amir, Mathieu, Tristan and Bearsilien get to witness first-hand what a cock slut Yuan truly is. Amir goes to town all over his furry ass, seeding Yuan while Bearsilien sucks off Mathieu nearby, prepping his cock for Yuan’s hole. Like with all good orgies, the group comes together in different forms, eventually focusing on Mathieu who blows an enormous load of jizz that’s sampled by all. Guess you can say these men really know how to share. Be sure to watch all the way to the end for some bonus, behind-the-scenes footage!

The Pigs Say Oink – Part 2

After stretching himself out with a toy, Trent Turner gets fucked on his back and on all fours by fellow bareback sex fiend, Steve Sommer. Then, while riding Steve, Trent spots Tristan Riant approaching. The bearded, inked daddy joins in on the fun, shoving his deliciously fat cock in Steve’s mouth, burying himself to the hilt. Tristan fucks Steve’s throat as if he were fucking a tight ass and Steve is such an amazing cocksucker that he can take everything Tristan has to give him AND still fuck Trent at the same time! Then again, Trent IS the one fucking himself at this point. But the whore must have more and he’s not alone because Tristan is soon getting his own, rarely used hole stretched out by Steve, who’s apparently embracing his inner top. Cum if you must, but be warned. Part three of this bareback trio is coming up hot and heavy!

Daddy Cub, Steve Sommers and Daddy Lucas

Bald, bearded, and tattooed, leather loving Daddy Lucas straps his “boy” onto a Saint Andrews Cross. This is something Daddy Cub loves. In fact, while the furry and pierced Cub is being put in his place, he watches Lucas’ every move with something like adoration in his eyes. But that’s a Master and slave relationship for you! Lucas pulls down Cub’s jockstrap and whips out his big, fat, pierced cock. Lucas strokes and sucks Cub’s cock, getting him hard. Suddenly, we notice Steve Sommers, bent over a fuck bench, spreading his own ass apart. He hungrily awaits someone to shove their cock inside him. Then, while voyeur Cub looks on, Lucas drops to his knees and rims Steve’s hole, tasting it before lubing up the bottom pig. Lucas milks his own cock, pumping it and getting himself rock hard before pressing up against Steve’s ass and sliding home. Lucas fucks Steve bareback, nice and easy at first. Then the nipple-pierced, heavily inked Daddy builds up speed and gets a bit rougher. As he does so, both Steve and Cub egg Lucas on, talking trash and begging for it. But Lucas has other plans. He pulls Steve over so the harnessed whore can suck on Cub’s dick. Except Steve is so hungry to be pounded full of cock he doesn’t stay on his knees long. With Cub’s cock spit-lubed, Steve stands, turns, and impales himself on Cub’s cock, fucking himself while devouring Lucas’ cock. Spit-roasted between Daddy Lucas and Daddy Cub, still strapped to the cross, we get to see a true sex pig cock whore in action. But it doesn’t end there. Stay tuned for part two of this no-holds barred 3-way fuckfest!

Bear Waters Solo

Sometimes it's entirely too easy to get distracted at work, especially if you're horny, like Bear Waters. To make matters more interesting, he's even more distracted when he searches for his drill bits in the company storage room and finds a fleshjack. Who does it belong to? Who used it last? More importantly, what is it doing there in the first place? Deciding it doesn't matter, Bear forgets all about what he was originally looking for and the hairy, bearded foreman starts playing with his cock and pierced nipples. Adding lube to the mix, Bear works himself up, edging until the need to explode is too great. He lets loose with a terrific load before getting dressed again and getting back to work. Now what the hell was he looking for, again?